Udhampur terrorist-BSF face off stirs peace in J and K

Newsroom24x7 Desk

udhampurUdhampur, Jammu and Kashmir: A bus loaded with BSF personnel, total of 30 head counts, was attacked by terrorists from across the border. Casualties, encounters and personnel succumbing to injuries all took place at the pre-noon hours of Wednesday.
Pakistani terrorists brought Udhampur back into the terror diary once again after a gap of more than 9 years when militants opened fire and took a hit at the tyres of BSF-personnel bus, rendering the BSF men to retaliate and counter the attack.
Grenades, shoot outs and massive exchange of bullets immobilized the militants temporarily, making the BSF succeeded in gunning down one of them. But 2 BSF personnels lost their lives in the deal. Add-on Force rushed to the area with people from both Army and Police cordoning off the area and taking control of the situation, albeit amidst counter attack retribution from the heavily armed anti-national elements.
Parallely, terrorists took 3 civilians as hostage and detained them inside a School in a nearby village. This added to the efforts of the forces and made them strategize the safe release of hostages from the militants. A search operation and well-planned impromptu team work enabled nabbing of the militant and rescuing the hostages after few hours of struggle.
Further, a terrorist from the bus-attack group was later nabbed by the security personnels and thoroughly interrogated. his whereabouts when exposed, revealed that this teenage militant named Kasim alias Usman alias Naved hailed from Faizabad (Pakistan).
The country lost its 2 bravehearts, namely, Constable Rocky of Ramgarh Majra in Yamunanagar district(Haryana) and Constable Subhendu Roy of Daukimari in Jalpaiguri district(West Bengal).
Security men injured during the encounter were rushed to medical attention promptly and damage control measures quickly taken.

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