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Ajit Kumar Singh asks IAS Association to serve notice to 60 retired bureaucrats

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Ajit Kumar Singh

Jaipur: Ex-bureaucrat Ajit Kumar Singh (IAS: 1983 Rajasthan cadre) has requested the all India IAS Association to issue a notice to the sixty retired IAS Officers, whose memorandum on the Central Vista and new Parliament building was responded to by Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Union Minister for Urban Development and Housing, while addressing the Press on 1 June.

It has been pointed out by Singh that through the said notice the all India IAS Association should seek apology from the 60 retired bureaucrats for bringing the Indian Administrative Service to disgrace and defame, and to make it a laughing stock in the eyes of the masses.

Singh has further requested that in the event of non-compliance of the notice, the Association should initiate civil proceedings against the retired officers who have signed the memorandum against the new Parliament building and Central Vista Project for defaming the Service.

CMD TAFE Mallika Srinivasan is Chairperson Public Enterprises Selection Board

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New Delhi: With the appointment of Ms. Mallika Srinivasan, Chairman & Managing Director, Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) Limited as Chairperson, Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), for a period of three years on Thursday 1 April 2021, the Modi Government has demonstrated its firm will to make the best use of professionals and experts at a level that has up till now remained the sole preserve of the “elite” Indian Administrative Service.

Simultaneously, Government of India has appointed Sailesh, IAS (AM: 1985), Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, as Member, Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), for a period of three years.

Earlier NITI Aayog, in its three year Action Agenda, and the Sectoral Group of Secretaries (SGoS) on Governance, in its report submitted in February 2017, had recommended for induction of personnel in the middle and senior management level in the Government. Based on this, it was decided, in principle, to give lateral entry and appoint outside experts to 10 positions of Joint Secretary in identified Ministries/Departments and 40 positions at Deputy Secretary/Director level.

Mallika Srinivasan established TAFE as a mass manufacturer of tractors. She led the company’s growth to its present status with revenues of INR 96 billion with diverse interests in tractors, farm machinery, diesel engines, engineering plastics, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, batteries, automobile franchises and plantations. She has led a variety of industry bodies such as the Tractor Manufacturers’ Association of India, The Madras Chamber of Commerce and has held various positions in industry bodies such as the Confederation of Indian Industry, and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. She is also on the Global Board of U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC), and the Boards of AGCO Corporation – United States and Tata Steel Limited. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, the Governing Board of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), Trichy, and a member of the Governing Body of Stella Maris College, Chennai.

Ode to a brilliant Police officer: Stay strong and celebrate his spirit

Sujay Thaosen

I write this today with a very heavy heart and tears in my eyes. One of my close mentor, guide, friend Sanjiv Singh (IPS 87) left us all for his heavenly abode yesterday -16 October 2020. I am shattered that we had to lose him so soon, and I am still struggling to come to terms with this personal loss.

Sanjiv Singh was an accomplished officer, a strong and direct person, real, bold, driven, hardworking, fitness freak, logical, and exceedingly honest with others. A loyal friend and a great listener. I always admired his ability to stay calm and get things done. He was someone who was a hero to a lot of people, including me. So much so that there is a colony in Bhopal named after him.

Sanjiv was a warm, welcoming, and kind person with a positive outlook on life and a fundamental faith in humanity. He could always put you at ease with his stories. To me, he was so much more than a senior. I aspired to be like him, especially in fitness. His commitment to fitness was such that even the young ones could not match his standards. His company was always a sanctuary filled with laughter.

It was only in February that I joined BSF after Sanjiv was relieved from this organization. I met him first at the National Police Academy in 1989. He was warm & welcoming and made the transition of growing into the prestigious police services a memorable and enjoyable one. I remember the best times when we were SP in neighbouring districts, I was SP Vidisha & he was SP Raisen. He had a strong set of values that he held himself accountable. Although I feel like no one will ever truly replace him, we all have to stay strong and celebrate his spirit and who he was. Rest in peace Sanjiv Singh Sir. We will miss you!

Sujay Thousen, is a 1988 batch IPS officer, borne on the Madhya Pradesh cadre

Ex-babus crying hoarse on Hathras; Write to UP CM with blinkers on

Lalit Shastri

A bunch of 92 retired officers from the all-India services have acted with the herd mentality and signed an open letter to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Mnister on the Hathras incident and condemned the State Government over the murder of a 19 year old woman, belonging to the socially deprived sections and lack of proper treatment to the victim when she was still alive.

The letter in question takes off by stating:
“Just when we thought that nothing could numb our consciences and brains further, the handling of the Hathras incident by the Uttar Pradesh administration has shown that, as a nation, we are plumbing the depths of depravity and callousness in governance. A young Dalit woman is brutally violated. Almost three weeks after the incident, the police are yet to confirm the crime of rape and are still spinning theories around it, although the video of what amounts to her dying declaration seems to confirm it. Her neck was lacerated, her spinal column was broken and there were cuts on her tongue. Instead of promptly admitting her to a hospital with advanced facilities for dealing with trauma, she was allowed to languish in the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, Aligarh. She was moved to Delhi only two weeks after the incident, that too on the request of her family, a case of too little, too late. What followed was an even greater travesty of justice and basic human values. After her death, her body was despatched post haste to her village and cremated in the dead of night by policemen.”

The bunch of oldies, who have had the best of both worlds as serving government officers, are extremely polarised as they go on to observe with blinkers on: “With our experience as erstwhile administrators in different departments of the central and state governments, our group of former civil servants had, in the past, highlighted the brazen violations of the rule of law in the Unnao rape case and in the murder of the police inspector in Bulandshahr.”

One can say with full conviction, the ex-officers have a motive and they acted with blinkers on as they have chosen to turn a blind eye to the role of PFI – the extremist and fundamentalist Islamic organisation- and the rabidly divisive and sectarian Bhim Army, besides mainstream Opposition parties including the Congress led by the Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Vadra, and the Samajwadi Party that has been at the helm of affairs in Uttar Pradesh but is now in the doldrums and the way they have done everything not only to politicise the issue but also creat a caste divide. There are also reports that the PFI had hatched a conspiracy and there was an attempt by few PFI operatives, some of whom have already been arested by the Uttar Pradesh Police on the basis of solid evidence and further investigation is on in this matter.

Eye brows are being raised as these retired officers have chosen to remain silent and have said nothing about the heinous incident of crime in Rajasthan coicinding with the Hathras incident. A 22 year old, also from the deprived sections, was gang-raped, brutally assualted and murdered – not by the so-called upper caste people but by Muslims.

These officers also have maintained an eerie silence over the lynching of two Hindu Sadhus and their driver in Palghar District of Maharashtra by a mob right in front of the police.

The unworthy lot never saw anything wrong in Kashmir, when the Police under Mufti was committing atrocities on students of National Institute of Technology in Srinagar, when Kashmiri Hindus were killed raped and driven out of Kashmir and forced to languish in refugee camps, when Indian tricolour was being burnt and ISIS flags were raised, when the Kashmir valley had become the hunting ground of terrorists and secessionist forces nor over political murders in Bengal and Kerala or when the anti-national students of JNU were raising slogans to split India into pieces and the anti-CAA protestors at Shaheen Bagh had taken the citizens of Delhi to ransom and resorted to violence and mayhem …..the list is endless

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