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Where genius has no premium

In developed societies, educationists, scholars, scientists, and achievers in business, commerce and many other areas of human pursuit, including politics, rise by the dint of their hard work, capabilities and their own genius. In India it is different, here in most cases, if not as a thumb rule, the contributing factors for the rise of most who are more often than not just mediocre, is patronage and nepotism or in the case of business, it is largely crony capitalism. It is these unworthy people who also sit on the pedestal and ascribe to themselves the role of visionaries and policy makers and try to steer people’s destiny – Lalit Shastri (18 March 2021)

Need to promote meritocracy

Very profound thought and very true snapshot of what ails our nation and the civil society. I only hope that better sense will prevail in time to come and we start promoting meritocracy, rule of law and excellence in all walks of life as much as the political and bureaucratic appointees and appointments in the Universities too – Anoop Swaroop, Roving Editor Newsroom24x7, Chair of the Center for Global Nonkilling and Member Advisory Council for International Cities of Peace. Educationist and expert of revenue, finance and security matters. (18 March 2021)

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