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April 27, 2018

Environment & Forest

After Salman khan’s conviction and bail; Now its time to look beyond the blackbuck poaching case

Lalit Shastri Bollywood actor Salman Khan was sentenced 5 years in jail by a trial court in Jodhpur on 5 April 2018 for killing two blackbuks in 1998 under Section 51 of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 (WLPA) which deals with penalty for hunting a Schedule 1 animal. Today (7 April 2018) Khan was granted

Blackbuck poaching case: Salman Khan sentenced to 5 years in jail, fined 10k

Newsroom24x7 Network Jodhpur: Bollywood actor Salman Khan was today lodged in the Jodhpur Central jail after a court here sentenced him to five years in jail under Section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act for killing two blackbucks in October 1998. Salman has been sentenced a five-year jail term and a fine of Rs 10,000.

The last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya

Newsroom24x7 Network Nairobi: With the passing away of Sudan, at age 45, now there are only 2 females and no more male northern white rhinos on planet Earth. It remains to be seen if artificial reproductive techniques can save the fate of the northern white rhino -the majestic African wildlife species that is now going

Draft National Forest Policy is up for serious discussion

Lalit Shastri The Draft National Forest Policy, 2018, which has been released in the public domain by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, is up for serious discussion, especially due to some of its fine print that has been inter-woven with pointers that state good bit of truth to attract the gullible

Manikandan laid down his life on the call of duty

The world grieves with Manikandan’s family, friends and colleagues Newsroom24x7 Network Bangalore/New Delhi: Dignitories, Forest officers and people from all walks of life around the world are deeply saddened by the news of Senior IFS officer Dr. S. Manikandan (aged 46, hailing from Cumbum in Theni District, Tamilnadu), Conservator of Forests and Field Director of

World Wildlife day lost another warrior of wild

Jose Louies Manikandan IFS – CF of Nagharhole was killed by a lone tusker today while he was in the field examining the damage caused by forest fire. He laid his life in the forest and by a tusker both protected by him on the day dedicated for wildlife ! The real side of wildlife

Tigers are fighting a losing battle

Lalit Shastri Bhopal:┬áDuring 2017, 98 cases of tiger mortality and 17 cases of tiger body parts seizure were reported from different parts of India. The maiximum mortality – 26 tigers – was reported from BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh, the central Indian State that boasts of the cental Indian highlands and was till a few years

CREW all set for Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival 2018

Newsroom24x7 Staff Bhopal: CREW (Crusade for Revival of Environment and Wildlife) is organising the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival 2018 (CIHfestival 2018) with the help of the Wildlife Wing of Madhya Pradesh Forest Department between February and September this year. In the first phase of CIHfestival 2018, Wildlife Expeditions (camps) are being organised for

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