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Sony Entertainment Television picks Bhopal to shoot upcoming show – ‘Kaamnaa’ – Where aspirations and principles will meet face to face

Ashish Kurl

Bhopal: Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’ – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna (Where aspirations and principles will meet face to face) is being shot in Bhopal -the picturesque capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

Sony Entertainment Television has always been at the forefront of showcasing content packaged with the right mix of drama and entertainment for the audiences. 

Sony Entertainment Television is bringing yet another engaging narrative through the upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’ – “jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna” (where aspirations and principles will meet face to face). It promises to strike the right chord with the Sony’s most discerning and widespread audience .

The show starring Chandni Sharma and Abhishek Rawat in the lead roles, takes the viewers on a heartfelt journey of a middle-class couple – Manav and Akanksha with different ideologies. The entire team is now shooting in Bhopal.

Produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, Kaamnaa is set to premiere soon only on Sony Entertainment Television. Set against the backdrop of Bhopal, Kaamnaa is a story about the constant struggles faced by middle-class families when it comes to values and aspirations. With Manav and Akanksha’s journey, the show captures the contrasting ideologies of the couple where Manav believes in living an honest life based on his principles and on the other hand, Akanksha, much like her name, has big dreams and desires to move away from the stereotypical middle-class life and lead a lavish lifestyle.

Showcasing the middle-class dichotomy with Manav and Akanksha’s story, Kaamnaa will make the viewers question if money can buy happiness or is love enough to lead a happy life? What will happen when Akanksha’s aspirations clash with Manav’s principles? Watch #Kaamnaa, jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna, jald hi sirf Sony TV par!

Abhishek Rawat – portrays the character of Manav
Manav is a simple and content middle class guy who loves his family. He is a man of principles and stands by it. Manav’s grounded character and beliefs mirrors every common man’s thinking. Kaamnaa as a show brings alive a refreshing concept with Manav and Akanksha’s journey that is rooted in the reality of the Indian households, making it relatable. Hope the audience enjoy watching the show as I am really excited for this journey. Also, shooting in Bhopal has been enjoyable. It is a beautiful city that has always had my heart. I am happy to be back to the city to shoot for our show because the warmth and hospitality the city has to offered is unmatched.

Chandni Sharma – portrays the character of Akanksha
Like most millennials, my character, Akanksha, who true to her name is a strong headed woman with big desires of living a luxurious life while moving away from the ordinary way of living.  I am thrilled to have gotten the chance to play a character that resonates with the young generation who dares to dream, find happiness in the grandeur of living life king size, and believes that there is nothing wrong in wanting a little extra. Through Akanksha and Manav’s journey, Kaamnaa looks at a narrative that is no different from how most people lead their lives. This character is very different from my previous characters that I have essayed before and I hope I am able to justice to it. On top of it, shooting in Bhopal is like the cherry on the cake. It’s such a beautiful city, so green, with wonderful food. I won’t be lying when I say I have fallen in love with Bhopal!

Sahil Aditya Ahirwar from Chattarpur -MP becomes second Crorepati of Kaun Banega Crorepati – season 13

Ashish Kurl

Sahil Aditya Ahirwar

Bhopal: Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati, in its 13th season found its second Crorepati in Sahil weeks after Himani Bundela.

Sahil Aditya Ahirwar (19 years), who aspires to become an IAS officer someday, has proven that hard work and dedication are the most important ingredients of success.

During his first year of college, Sahil used to bunk lectures, enjoy with friends, watch films and pass his time away in his college canteen. In teh second and third year of college, Sahil dedicated his time to studies and this made him a rank holder.

His biggest inspiration has been his father who works as a Security guard in Noida and has studied only up till 10th Standard. With carefully dissected answers, Sahil Aditya Ahirwar achieved the 1 crore mark on the show.

Moving forward in the game, Sahil will be seen attempting the jackpot question for Rs. 7 crore rupees. Will he make the cut?

Watch Sahil’s journey unfold on 21st and 22nd October at 9 pm only on Sony entertainment Television.

Talking to media persons, Sahil Aditya Ahirwar observed: “Making it to the hotseat has been a dream. Being in the same room as Mr. Bachchan is a privilege. The journey hasn’t been easy but I’ve put in a lot of hard-work and dedication. I’d like to specially thank Navodya Vidyalaya for helping me with all the challenges that came my way. My dad works as a security guard and winning the title of a ‘Crorepati’ means a lot to me and my family. With this money, I want to buy a house for my mother, a cricket set for my younger brother and help myself study and become an IAS officer someday soon. Through this platform, I’d like to reach out to millions of people like me to say that no dream is small, all you need to do is put in your best efforts to realize it. Thank you Kaun Banega Crorepati for taking me a step closer to my dreams.”

Tune into Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 from Monday – Friday at 9 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 contestants bring the flavor of #BestKaNextAvatar to Bhopal -the city of lakes!

Newsroom24x7 Network

India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 premieres on Saturday 16 October

Mumbai: India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 premieres on Saturday 16 October and will air every Sat-Sun at 8:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Over the years, Sony Entertainment Television has redefined weekend viewing by offering some of the finest and the most successful talent shows.

After the roaring success of the first season, Sony Entertainment Television Channel is all set to unveil India’s Best Dancer – Season 2! The new season not only promises to be bigger in its scale and entertainment quotient but will also showcase some superlative & versatile talent as well.

The show intends to find #BestKaNextAvatar through the platform which will be an ultimate test for the best dancers from across the country. Produced by Frames Production Company, India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 will premiere on 16th October and will air every Sat-Sun at 8:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.

To showcase their talent, energetic contestants from the show – Muskaan Singh, Raktim Thakuria, and Akash Tambedkar visited the beautiful city of – Bhopal on 12th October to give the locals a taste of what all they can expect in the new season.

India’s Best Dancer – Season 2, promises to be the toughest dance reality show on Indian television and the makers have ensured to make it challenging at every step. Starting with the Auditions, the contestants will get only 90 seconds on the clock to impress the judges with at least 3 Power Moves to head further in the competition. As the clock keeps ticking, the judges, or E.N.T specialists – Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis, will keep a close eye on the Entertainment, Newness and Technique that the contestants bring forth through their dancing. While Malaika will assess the ‘Entertainment’ quotient in each act, Geeta will look for ‘Newness’ in the moves and Terence will account for perfection in the ‘Technique’.

The second phase of Mega Auditions will see the selected contestants battle it out in pairs and trios post a solo performance to move into the next round. In the Grand Premiere, the judges will announce the Top 12 contestants as the Best Barah who will have a respective mentor in the journey ahead. Week-on-week these 12 contestants will have to impress the judges and audience alike to move closer to winning the most coveted title of India’s Best Dancer.

If you think you have seen it all, brace yourself for the unmatched talent that the show will bring to fore. With digital auditions expanding the reach to various untapped markets, India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 will showcase who are an epitome of passion, dedication, and determination. The audience will see a perfect mélange of power-packed performances and inspiring stories every week starting 16th October.

Tune in to watch the best talent from across the country participate on India’s Best Dancer starting 16 October, every Sat-Sun at 8:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

India’s Best Dancer – Season 2 Contestants observe:

I am excited to begin this new journey with one of the biggest dance reality show on Indian Television – India’s Best Dancer – Season 2. With the show premiering on 16th October at 8:00 PM, we are very happy to visit the beautiful city of Bhopal and introduce to the people our show and give them an idea of what they can expect in season 2! It’s been such a lovely experience. The people of Bhopal are so warm, and the food is just incredible! Hope to visit again soon! – Muskaan Singh

India’s Best Dancer, as a platform is known for attracting superlative talent and this time around too, I can assure the viewers that they would not be disappointed. It gives me immense pleasure to be in Bhopal. It’s been such a delightful experience interacting with people and don’t even get me started on the food! I hope the lovely people of Bhopal watch our show and enjoy it as much as we have been enjoying being a part of it. – Raktim Thakuria

Being a part of India’s Best Dancer is a once in a lifetime kind off opportunity! I especially cannot wait to bring my journey to the viewers of the show. We are now visiting Bhopal to showcase our talent and show to the audience a glimpse of what to expect from the show that is all set to air on 16th October at 8:00 PM! We want the people to come along this journey with us. I hope they support us and enjoy our show. – Akash Tambedkar

MF Hussain, Congress eco-system and the left liberals

Rajiv Lochan

MF Hussain with Rajiv Gandhi

M F Hussain was a painter of great repute. Much of his reputation was based on painting Hindu goddesses and other mythological figures in the nude. This made him quite a favourite of the Congress eco-system in India. When some Hindus objected and went to court against him they were condemned for being unartistic and anti-Muslim. The courts of course provided Hussain protection. Freedom of expression, they said. Try to understand artistic expression, they explained.

Hussain attracted the ire of the left liberals only when he depicted Indira Gandhi as the goddess Durga. Durga was said to be the slayer of demons. Hussain referenced this memory to Indira Gandhi defeating the Pakistanis.

Noteworthy was that Hussain was careful to not paint a naked image of Indira Gandhi even in his version of the Durga avatar. When Hussain painted Durga alone, not as a version of Indira Gandhi, he promptly removed her clothes in his 1981 painting. He also had a tail emerging out of her naked butt.

In 1984, when Indira was assassinated by her own guards turned Sikh terrorists, Rajiv Gandhi took over as Prime Minister. When Hussain painted a portrait of Indira Gandhi which he presented to her son and the new Prime Minister of India, he once again took care to keep Indira fully clad in a sari. Later Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Rajiv, would claim that she had ‘sold’ a portrait of her father, Rajiv, done by Hussain, to one Rana Kapoor for Rs. 2 crore vide Priyanka’s letter to Rana Kapoor dated June 4, 2010. According to this letter, she received payment in cheque. #135343, drawn on HSBC, Ac No. 019-384890-006

Rajiv Lochan, is a renowned historian, scholar and columnist