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April 23, 2018


Opportunity beyond the Chinese conundrum and the Indian cacophony

Our World Our Times Anoop Swarup   The rise and fall of the Chinese Bull has been much discussed and debated but few on the global stage have cared to look at the role India can play in economic resurgence of the world in a recessionary gloom the world over. Let us examine the China

VIP culture, Reservation and the general plight

Indu Indira Lala Road blocks are happening off and on for two different reasons. Reason  One – because of a new voice agitating for another demanding community – aka Hardik Patel. He has ignited the volatile reservation demand for a powerful upwardly mobile community and is not prepared to relent. This guy is all set to

On India’s Tryst with Destiny

​Weekly Column: Thinking Beyond Anoop Swarup India’s tryst with destiny is yet a struggle and I as all my countrymen who heard the Prime Minister on the 69th Independence day would be struck by the earnestness of the speech like many other Prime Ministers of India in the past. I will be wide of the

Need to rethink development strategies: Rs. 800 crore project for vulnerable tribal groups in Odisha

Subrat Kumar Nayak and Hemant Kumar Sahoo Vasundhra, Bhubaneswar The present case study with a comparative analysis of two Tribal Villages – one Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) village and another Schedule Tribe (ST) dominated village – reveals that the Government of Odisha in India has placed more emphasis on time-bound implementation and targeted spending of

A measurable goal for a Nonkilling World

Thinking Beyond Anoop Swarup (From Honolulu, Hawaii) Threats to human existence have been predicted, debated and analysed through the ages by mystics and scientists alike and also the science fiction writers and futurists particularly when it comes to meteorites, gamma ray bursts from distant galaxies, super volcanoes, apocalypses and catastrophes of the unknown kind. There

On Nebraska abolishing the death penalty

Jamsheed Rizwani Paris Yet another US state joins the civilized world by banning the death sentence… This is something? quite something coming from a state reputed to be very conservative……My respects to the legislators and the people of Nebraska…. who defied public opinion and their seats in the legislature to vote against the death sentence.

Dany le Rouge for President….

Jamsheed Rizwani Paris: Justice at last….. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, one of the charismatic (he still is) student leaders of May 1968 in France has at last been granted French citizenship by the French government. Born in France to German parents who had fled the Nazi persecution of Jews, he was brought up in France. In May

On India’s Century: How Narendra Modi can propel India to move forward as a global power

Thinking Beyond Anoop Swarup As we celebrate one year of Narendra Modi government, the May 18th issue of Time carries a portrait of Narendra Modi on its cover and the Editor Nancy Gibbs goes at length to state that though Barack Obama may be the leader of the world’s most powerful democracy, the distinction of

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