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Category: SciTech

Nature, Science and Arts

Distinguished Scientist, Advisor Department of Space and former head of Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad, Tapan Misra spoke eloquently on Nature, Science and Arts during a web-based Conference on Science, organised […]

ISRO and the path to reform the space sector

Lalit Shastri The wheels of the government machinery move quite fast during crisis situation. One such move is the reorganization of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) by the government of […]

Structural Reforms in Space Sector

Tapan Misra On the announcement of a slew of reforms in the Space Sector by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, distinguished scientist and Advisor with the Department of Space Tapan Misra […]

ISRO: The fault line and the siege within

Lalit Shastri The seniority of two distinguished ISRO scientists has been bypassed to appoint P. Kunhikrishnan as a Member of the Space Commission. Kunnikrishnan is Director UR Rao Satellite center. […]