Our Vision

Newsroom24x7 is a news portal for those who value incisive insights into the intricate world of today and tomorrow.  We only publish NEWS that matters for the discerning and smart people.
We are an India-Centric news and analysis portal with a world view. We do appreciate the entire dynamics of international relations and the significance of multilateral, bilateral and unilateral interests as also stakes of different interests and countries, including the importance of individuals and various stakeholders at the grass-root level.
We are always concerned about the earth, the climate change, the environment, and not only the forests, the wildlife, the biodiversity and the energy flow, but the entire ecosystem and the factors responsible for mitigating any damages.
We keep a close eye on Business, Industry, Trade, Commerce, Infrastructure Development, Banking and the Corporate World, Stock Markets, Regulatory Bodies, Economic, Monetary and Fiscal Policies, and the State of the Economy.
We give equal importance to Human Resources, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Health Administration, Defence and Security from a futuristic perspective.
We have ascribed ourselves the role of a watchdog when it comes to using journalism as a means to promoting good governance, right to information, transparency and accountability in public life, a corruption free administration and the protection of human rights and values in a fast changing  world.
Our forte is Political news coverage and analysis from across the globe as it happens.
For us – Truth is Sacred and foremost.
We abhor the tendency of pandering to the powers that be. We are committed to the larger public cause. What we write and publish speaks for itself. We believe in serious journalism. For us, truth alone should prevail every time. Hence we don’t publish news till we investigate and verify the facts from fiction. Our own integrity is foremost as we maintain arms length, distance from vested interests and an unequivocal and impartial coverage. It gives us great satisfaction when the news and analysis that we publish becomes a reference point for others and gets the top ranking on search engines.
We attempt to always maintain the highest level of quality standards of our news content. For us, even the quality of ads we publish is important and we don’t bank on digital arbitrage with an eye on more hits and profit as most other websites do. For us the discerning readers are important because they are the engines of change in tomorrow’s world.
We have institutionalised the practice of self-regulation, integrity,  accountability, and transparency.
We believe in creating a visible publishing framework to improve accuracy, verification, and standards in reporting; and strive to strengthen our bonds with the target audience we represent.
For us propaganda is anathema and a curse
We do hold a strong view that news items should be objective, impartial, and give the reader an accurate background and analysis of the subject at hand.
We are aware that media these days is flooded by sponsored articles or advertisements evolved from the traditional commercial advertisements to include hitherto unknown fake and misleading news and views but also a new type in the form of paid articles. As a result, a lot of what one reads is often presented in a very subjective and often misleading light, primarily meant to persuade or to change perception or opinion rather than inform the truth.
Our editorial responsibility is fulfilled only by adhering to accuracy and ensuring fairness, best standards, good taste, and the highest values of journalism in whatever is published on our website or produced by our multimedia department.
We are also steadfast in following our basic tenets and guidelines especially when it comes to owning up and publishing corrections as we strongly believe and affirm that we do not erode our own credibility or the bond of trust we have built with our readers and followers over the years.
Team Newsroom24x7 keeps reminding itself on a continuous basis that consistent, daily compliance is the key to maintaining the momentum. Any backsliding, drift, or loss of momentum hits the credibility of the organisation and its own natural evolutionary progress.
Newsroom24x7 is run by professionals having many years of experience in journalism. We have a distinguished track record of steadfast honesty, integrity and an upright demeanor. We value service before self.