Sony Entertainment Television picks Bhopal to shoot upcoming show – ‘Kaamnaa’ – Where aspirations and principles will meet face to face

Ashish Kurl

Bhopal: Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’ – jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna (Where aspirations and principles will meet face to face) is being shot in Bhopal -the picturesque capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

Sony Entertainment Television has always been at the forefront of showcasing content packaged with the right mix of drama and entertainment for the audiences. 

Sony Entertainment Television is bringing yet another engaging narrative through the upcoming show ‘Kaamnaa’ – “jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna” (where aspirations and principles will meet face to face). It promises to strike the right chord with the Sony’s most discerning and widespread audience .

The show starring Chandni Sharma and Abhishek Rawat in the lead roles, takes the viewers on a heartfelt journey of a middle-class couple – Manav and Akanksha with different ideologies. The entire team is now shooting in Bhopal.

Produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, Kaamnaa is set to premiere soon only on Sony Entertainment Television. Set against the backdrop of Bhopal, Kaamnaa is a story about the constant struggles faced by middle-class families when it comes to values and aspirations. With Manav and Akanksha’s journey, the show captures the contrasting ideologies of the couple where Manav believes in living an honest life based on his principles and on the other hand, Akanksha, much like her name, has big dreams and desires to move away from the stereotypical middle-class life and lead a lavish lifestyle.

Showcasing the middle-class dichotomy with Manav and Akanksha’s story, Kaamnaa will make the viewers question if money can buy happiness or is love enough to lead a happy life? What will happen when Akanksha’s aspirations clash with Manav’s principles? Watch #Kaamnaa, jahan hoga khwaahishon aur usoolon ka aamna saamna, jald hi sirf Sony TV par!

Abhishek Rawat – portrays the character of Manav
Manav is a simple and content middle class guy who loves his family. He is a man of principles and stands by it. Manav’s grounded character and beliefs mirrors every common man’s thinking. Kaamnaa as a show brings alive a refreshing concept with Manav and Akanksha’s journey that is rooted in the reality of the Indian households, making it relatable. Hope the audience enjoy watching the show as I am really excited for this journey. Also, shooting in Bhopal has been enjoyable. It is a beautiful city that has always had my heart. I am happy to be back to the city to shoot for our show because the warmth and hospitality the city has to offered is unmatched.

Chandni Sharma – portrays the character of Akanksha
Like most millennials, my character, Akanksha, who true to her name is a strong headed woman with big desires of living a luxurious life while moving away from the ordinary way of living.  I am thrilled to have gotten the chance to play a character that resonates with the young generation who dares to dream, find happiness in the grandeur of living life king size, and believes that there is nothing wrong in wanting a little extra. Through Akanksha and Manav’s journey, Kaamnaa looks at a narrative that is no different from how most people lead their lives. This character is very different from my previous characters that I have essayed before and I hope I am able to justice to it. On top of it, shooting in Bhopal is like the cherry on the cake. It’s such a beautiful city, so green, with wonderful food. I won’t be lying when I say I have fallen in love with Bhopal!

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