Australian deportation law irks New Zealand PM

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OZ-NZ flagNew Zealand : New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had a blunt chat about the issue of Australian deportation laws which resulted in a conclusive distaste for the New Zealand PM.

The laws, introduced last year, indicate that any non-Australian criminal imprisoned for a year or more could face a revocation of ‘permit to live in Australia’. About 300 New Zealanders have been kept on hold in Australia or have been deported since the new laws came into force.

On this, New Zealand PM Key responded by saying that some New Zealanders now facing deportation, had spent their entire lives in Australia. He said many of those detained went to Australia when they were very, very, young. In Key’s exact words – Its a little bit like the Australians saying, – well, we’re going to pick and choose – we’re going to keep the ones we like but we’re going to send back the ones we don’t like.

Key said that New Zealand’s special relationship with Australia was being challenged by the new rules. Due to this, Key expected that Australia would consider treating New Zealanders differently from other countries.

Bishop stated that there was no closer relationship than Australia and New Zealand, and agreed that the issue needed further discussion.

The death of New Zealander Junior Togatuki, 23, in the Goulburn Correctional Centre, a super-maximum prison in New South Wales, had also raised concerns and added to the deportation issue. Togatuki had reportedly written to Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton pleading against his impending deportation.

Japan pledges $1.5 bn aid money for migrant crisis

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Shinzo Abe UNSCJapan : Every country is playing its role in the non-terminating migrant crisis and making financial contributions as per their own country budget. Japan has done its bit by anouncing aid money towards peace building.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a recent anouncement in this regard by pledging $810m (£534m) aid money to help Syrians and Iraqis displaced by conflicts. While addressing the UN General Assembly, Abe in his speech said that Japan would, besides taking Syria and Iraqi displacement into consideration, would also contribute $750m to peace-building efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

However, he remained firm that Japan would not take in any refugees from those conflict zones as yet. Japan accepted only 11 of 5,000 asylum seekers last year. Huge numbers of people have fled to Europe in recent months as Europe has been the shelter home for the stranded migrants in the past months.

In a news conference, Abe analysed that – before accepting immigrants or refugees, we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise [the] birthrate.

Japan along with Brazil, Germany and India – is pushing for a seat on the Security Council. Japan is also in the process of changing the role of its military so that it can play a more active role in UN peacekeeping. Its post-war constitution bans the use of force to resolve international conflicts except in cases of self-defence.

Every day reports and updates on migrant crisis revealed that hoards of migrants have been heading north from the Mediterranean, and large numbers have gathered at border crossings and made a crossover to open destinations, while some have died trying to cross into Europe by sea.

Afghan forces ready to take Taliban in a counter-attack

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afghan kunduzKunduz : Afghan forces arrived at Kunduz airport in preparation for a counter-attack on the embattled city, which was under seizure of Taliban since Monday and have planned an operation in the next few hours.

Militants captured buildings and freed hundreds from jail after carrying out a massive attack at Kunduz. The attacks made troops and officials retreat to the airport after militants. It is one of the most significant militant assaults in years and is piling pressure on President Ashraf Ghani’s unity government as Kunduz would be the first provincial capital taken by the Taliban since they lost power in the US-led invasion in 2001.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that fighters would make an advance on the airport too, but witnesses differed saying there were no signs of any such movement yet. There were few signs of fighting overnight and the city remained without power after the attacks. Medical facilities are flodded with more than 100 wounded people wounded, who got hurt in heavy fighting.

Kunduz is strategically and symbolically important as it is both a transport hub for the north of the country and the Taliban’s former northern stronghold, before their government was overthrown. The attack began at dawn on Monday as fighters fell upon the city from different directions. They captured key buildings and images posted on social media purported to show fighters hoisting Taliban flags across the city.

Modi calls upon international community to unite against terrorism

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modi in us 2New York : An update on the post UN talks between US President Barack Obama and Indian PM Narendra Modi generated by Ministry of External Affairs indicated the extra emphasis that both leaders have laid upon terrorism. PM Modi has said that terrorism is a global phenomenon from which no country can be immune. Modi has urged Obama and the international community as a whole that time has come for the international community to come out in strong and united manner against the menace.

Modi said – Terrorism is a global phenomenon which impacts every country. No country is immune from the threat of terrorism’, informed Vikas Swarup, spokesman of the External Affairs Ministry, short after the two leaders met at the UN headquarters here.

“We ourselves have been battling it for the last four decades. The time has come for the international community to speak in one voice on the issue of terrorism to resolve the long-pending International Convention on Terrorism which has been held up because of the differences on definition of terrorism,” Swarup quoted Modi, who met Obama the fifth time in over a year, as saying.

Modi added – As existing terrorism threats grow and new ones emerge, we have resolved to further deepen cooperation on counter- terrorism and radicalism.

Speaking about India’s achievements in space territory, Modi said – the aircraft career technology working group had also met and the fact that today four US satellites were launched by ISRO itself was a very complete proof of the stride that has been made in space cooperation between the two countries.

He said the two sides agreed to further strengthen consultation and cooperation on helping the Afghan people combat terrorism and build a peaceful, stable and prosperous future of their nation.