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March 18, 2018

Archives for August 22, 2015

NSA talks: India sets agenda, Pak rejects conditions

Newsroom24x7 Staff New Delhi: NSA level talks between India and Pakistan scheduled for today have been called off after India put its foot down and told Pakistan in categorical terms that their discussions should not involve any third party and these talks should be only on terrorism. Pakistan tried to fudge the agenda for these

On India’s Tryst with Destiny

​Weekly Column: Thinking Beyond Anoop Swarup India’s tryst with destiny is yet a struggle and I as all my countrymen who heard the Prime Minister on the 69th Independence day would be struck by the earnestness of the speech like many other Prime Ministers of India in the past. I will be wide of the

North Korea shoots words of ultimatum to South Korea

Newsroom24x7 Desk Seoul, South Korea: North Korea’s UN Ambassador An Myong Hun Friday spoke to media over the rising tensions between South and North Korea due to continued cross border propaganda broadcasts and without mincing words issued the ultimatum to its Southern neighbour that it would have to pay the price if it failed to

Unarmed US marines avert terrorist attack in France

Newsroom24x7 Desk Paris: At least two unarmed US marines travelling by a high speed train plying between Amsterdam and Paris subdued a gunman and foiled a terror attack Friday afternoon. A US marine even was hit by a bullet in the neck as he and his colleague were combating the gunman armed with AK47 assault

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