Double suicide attack kills 13 in Baghdad

Newsroom24x7 Desk

baghdadBaghdad : Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in northwestern Baghdad today, killing at least 13 people and injuring more than two dozens, thus adding to the series of such attacks in the recent times. According to police information, a vehicle carrying explosives crossed over the shrine access point on Adan square – a place which leads the road to the Shiite shrine of Kadhimiyah, a holy visiting place which usually gets flooded with visitors during weekends starting Friday through Sunday.

The two jihadis, both suicide bombers, themselves wore suicide vests, and drove an explosive-laden car, through this busy area of Baghdad. They first blew up the suicide car bomb and caused panic and fatality in the crowded area. Thereafter, the surviving jihadis blew themselves up and caused more causalities injuring atleast 37 persons who were on a holy pilgrimage to the auspicious shrine of Shias clan.

Adan Square has been repeatedly hit by attacks in the past and has attained the status of a highly sensitive terrorism-prone zone. This latest attack is a continuation of an earlier suicide bid this calendar year when more than 20 people died in a suicide bombing at the same place in February.

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