Sonia Gandhi calls PM Modi a narrow-minded, low-level politician

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sonia gandhiBihar : Bihar polls is becoming a breeding ground for personal attacks and accusations every since war of words began between all political parties bidding for electoral seats in upcoming assembly elections schedule this season.

Latest on the series came from Congress President Sonia Gandhi who was addressing a gathering in Bihar, where she teared into the Prime Minister’s mode of working. In a wordful attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Sonia Gandhi today accused him of narrow-mindedness and blamed him of practicing low-level politics for attacking his political rivals from foreign soil.

Addressing a poll rally in Bihar’s Wazirganj, Ms. Gandhi pointed out the wrong policies of Modi government which had resulted in breaking the back of the poor. ‘No other Prime Minister has ever criticized and sullied the image of his political rivals on foreign soil. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done so, showing his narrow mindedness and low-level politics. When he does not bother about the dignity of Bihar or the nation, will he be concerned about your dignity ?’ asked Sonia to the crowd which had gathered to lend her an ear.

Questioning the Prime Minister on fulfilling his election promises, Sonia asked Bihar population about the status of fund-flow, and whether the account holders of Jan Dhan Yojna had really got Rs 5,000 when they opened their accounts under the scheme.’Did you get the money? How many of you have got it? Nobody has got it. What happened to his promise?’ were her words.

Ms. Gandhi described Modi as an expert in packaging and repackaging the schemes of the previous government and misleading people through his package for the state. Accusing the Prime Minister of going back on his promises made during Lok Sabha polls, the Congress president criticized a number of schemes launched by the NDA government like Jan Dhan Yojna and held the NDA government solely responsible for sky rocketing’ prices of pulses.

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