Antrix will be better off ignoring the US Court order for enforcement and payment of $1.2 billion compensation to Devas

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Washington/Bengaluru: The order passed on Tuesday 27 October by Judge Thomas S. Zilly of the US District Court of Western District of Washington asking Antrix Corporation, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), to pay Devas Multimedia Pvt Ltd a compensation of $1.2 billion for canceling a business agreement with Devas will remain only on paper as the advise from those in knowledgeable circles in India is that Antrix should ignore the order as it does not have any business interest in the US.

Earlier in September, Judge Thomas S Zilly of the US District Court, Western District of Washington had lifted the stay on the proceedings of the lawsuit filed by Devas against Antrix.

After Antrix terminated its agreement with Devas in January 2011, Devas has been seeking legal remedy both in India and abroad.

Devas had filed the law suit in the US District Court two years ago taking the plea that three international tribunals had declared the termination of the Devas-Antrix Agreement as wrong and bad in law.

Antrix, on its part, had raised the issue of jurisdiction and demanded that the suit be dismissed. It was also underscored by Antrix that a decision in the arbitration award would violate the sovereignty of India. The issue of corruption was also brought into focus keeping in view the case registered by the CBI following investigation into the Antrix-Devas agreement.

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