Jotting of a distinguished scientist who should have headed India’s Space Programme

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After closely watching the achievements and also investigating the major causes behind successive failures of ISRO during the last one decade, Newsroom24x7 is saying with full conviction what we have underscored in the above heading. We are maintaining total objectivity and saying this keeping national interest in absolute focus.

We are republishing a post on facebook by distinguished scientist Tapan Misra, who was not allowed to head ISRO. In this post, Misra reflects on a photo – his most commented photo on facebook in 2012.

Under the latest jotting by Tapan Misra are hyperlinks of exclusive news coverage and edits on ISRO published by Newsroom24x7 over last several years. They expose in detail a lot of what was either perpetuated or given a go by at great cost to the nation.

Jotting of a distinguished Scientist

Great moment after being praised by then PM (Dr Manmohan Singh) for my contribution in RISAT. We launched RISAT on 26th April 2012, started imaging from 1st May 2012. Fastest operationalisation. Honourable PM met ISRO team on 4th May. I remember, I was spending days and months together, away from home, in ISAC, in launch pad and in NRSC, Hyderabad. I had 2-3 pairs of jeans, some tee shirts and a pair of dirty sneakers. All my meagre wardrobe and myself required urgent overhaul. I flew from Hyderabad to Delhi on 3rd May. I purchased a pair of dresses and a pair of shoes in Delhi, reasonable for the occasion and also for my purse. I was tense on that day. When in his august company, I observed our honourable PM was a person with very sharp intellect, extraordinary grasping power, a photographic memory and was also very witty. He knew exactly who is who. He kept all of us at surprising ease.

It was a great day. Felt proud, like an elephant, for building something which has not been built before. In later part of my career, there were queer turns. Little did I realise that day that elephants are hunted for their tusks, their valuable possession. Some days to remember, some days to forget.


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