Preparing the squad for FIFA U-17 women World Cup with a different technical style: Coach Thomas Dennerby

Harpal Singh Bedi

Thomas Dennerby 

New Delhi:  Indian U-17 Women’s National Team head coach Thomas Dennerby says that he is preparing the squad for the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup, with a ‘technical’ style which makes use of the players’ ‘extreme speed’. 

Speaking on the topic ‘Current playing style of the U-17 World Cup team’, at the ongoing International Virtual Coaching Conference organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF). The coach said  “We decided to have a style that is more like the Asian style — a technical style and passing game. We have players with extreme speed and we need to work with the passing and quick touches.”  

“Getting the ball out from defence fast, we can be quick on counter-attacks that we can use when opponents are unorganized. We have created a lot of opportunities that way, especially when we played against Romania and won one match as well,” Dennerby explained. 

 “Without the ball, our style is zonal defence. We play as a close compact team with short distances between players so that we can work together and try to win the ball quick and high.” 

The highly-experienced Swedish tactician shared the general priorities he has set for the team, “The first priority is to win. We must always try to win, no matter the opposition. The second is team training to improve the game model. Then, we have factors such as the right nutrition, recovery, sleep and rest. 

“If players don’t do these rights, they will not have the required energy in matches and training. Fourth, we have extra individual training, which is always as an addition to the second and third points and never instead of them,” he opined. 

Then, you try to find a way that suits the team best. You have to find your own playing style and vision. Football is like philosophy, there is no wrong or right. One has to try to improve the way you want the team to play while seeing what is best for the players.” 

He also emphasised on the importance of playing as a team being a key value, along with others such as having an ‘on and off button’ 

“In training, there has to be 100% focus and intensity. One can have fun and smile in training but it is important to choose the right time for it. Additionally, to live as a professional, you have to be in the full concentration zone many hours a week and so, it is vital to have some time off where you can fully relax,”. 

He underlined the role played by the support staff as well and stated that that the job of the head coach is to ensure that they all reach their ‘highest potential’ 

“There are not many rules around the team. Perhaps the most important one is being on time because that is extremely important. Be it a training session or a lecture — players should be on time. Another important value is that the team is the star. It has different players with different skills but we win and lose as a team. 

Dennerby led the Swedish Women’s National Team to a third-place finish at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany in 2011 and a quarterfinal spot in the 2012 London Olympics. 

It was followed by a stint with the Nigerian Women’s National Team, where he guided them to the AWCON title in 2018 and coached them at the FIFA Women’s World Cup France last year, after which he was appointed as the head coach of the India U-17 Women’s National Team in November 2019.


Remembering Madhavrao Scindia

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Madhavrao Scindia (Right), the architect of the Dabra spirit

30 September is a day to remember and pay homage to Madhavrao Scindia, the senior Congress leader and scion of the erstwhile ruling family of Gwalior, who died on this day 19 years ago in an air-crash.

Had Madhavrao Scindia been alive, he’d have been 75 this year. He had the potential to give politicians across the entire political spectrum a run for their money.

The politicians cutting across party lines in Madhya Pradesh recall the key role Madhavrao Scindia had played in bringing the Congress to power in 1993 after the dismissal of the Sunderlal Patwa led Madhya Pradesh BJP Government in December 1992 in the wake of the riots that followed after the demolition of the Babri structure in Ayodhya by inculcating the Dabra spirit, which became synonymous with part unity.

The Dabra spirit built by Madhavrao Scindia had gone a long way in building a cohesive and united campaign for the 1993 Assembly election resulting in Congress party’s victory against the BJP and its return to power in Madhya Pradesh after a gap of three-and-half years

In a rare bid to display solidarity, prominent Congress leaders, including the Union Ministers from Madhya Pradesh, had shared a common platform and jointly addressed a large public meeting at Dabra in the Gwalior region on May 19, 1993. This exercise was held at the initiative of senior Congress leader late Madhavrao Scindia. It was a significant step towards building unity in the faction-ridden Madhya Pradesh unit of Congress party ahead of the crucial general election to the State Assembly later that year.

The 1993 State Assembly election was significant as it was being held a year after the imposition of President’s rule with the dismissal of the Sunderlal Patwa led State BJP government in the wake of the post-Ayodhya riots in December 1992.

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Hathras gangrape & murder: Police cremates body amid protest by family members and villagers

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Hathras/New Delhi: A 19-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras succumbed to her grave injuries at Safdarjung hospital in Delhi about 3 am on Tuesday morning, days after she was raped by four men.

The woman was gang-raped on September 14. The rapists had tried to strangulate her to death and even part of her tounge had been bitten off.

According to sources at Aligarh hospital, from where she had beren referred to Delhi, the victim’s legs were completely paralysed and arms partially paralysed.

The four accused have been arrested and will be tried under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC, according to the Hathras SP.

The cremation of the rape victim, wwas conducted by the UP police at Hathras in the middle of the night today, amid protest and demonstrations by the villagers and family members. They were demanding the body to be taken inside her house.