MP Cabinet approves death sentence for those convicted of rape of minor girls below 12 years

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Bhopal: To address the issue of rising crimes against women in the State, the Madhya Pradesh Cabinet presided over by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today (Sunday 26 November, 2017) cleared the proposal for death sentence for those convicted of raping minor girls below the age of 12 years.

The Cabinet also passed the resolution for death sentence to gang rape convicts and approved the proposal to amend the penal code to increase the punishment for rape convicts.

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  1. I am totally against the death sentence for whatever reason……. The call taken by the MP government is a return to the heritage of a privilege enjoyed by feudals who had the right of life or death over their subjects… Instead of changing our society, the short cut method to kill in the name of all the citizens is a cowardly acceptance of their incapacity to deal with societal problems… The number of rapes in our desh is probably one of the highest in the world. Marital rape, child marriage are societal problems…it must be said that consensual sex is a rarity even in married couples. Killing a rapist, be it of a child is not a solution………..for one killed in the security of prisons, thousands of rapists go free…; they are everywhere even in government…….Our outlook on women has to change. Till that comes about, this is just playing to the gallery by our politicians…….Sad that India has still miles to go before burying the hangman’s noose…..and join the select group of civilized nations.


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