International Cities of Peace: Anoop Swarup is Advisor India

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Swarup’s work for peace is stellar – J. Fred Arment, Executive Director, International Cities of Peace

Dr. Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor of Jagran Lakecity University in Bhopal, has joined the Advisory Council for International Cities of Peace.

Swarup recently became Chair of the Center for Global Nonkilling when its founder Glen D. Paige passed away earlier this year.

In 2007, Swarup was appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon as UN Finance Expert for implementation of UN Security Council Resolution to stop the genocide in Darfur.

Swarup is a founder and trustee of the Indian Council of Gandhian Studies. He was honored this year with the Soka Gakkai Hiroshima Peace Award at the Hiroshima Ikeda Peace Memorial Hall.

As member of the Advisory Council for International Cities of Peace, Swarup will help establish cities of peace in India and beyond.

An Advisory Council of leaders from global Cities of Peace organizations is working to create an all-inclusive, non-polarizing network of world citizens working to bring peace to their communities.

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