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April 22, 2018

Archives for November 7, 2017

Spices can help prevent and fight colorectal cancer

Dr. Shikha T. Malik New Delhi: Spices make our food tasty. Now we have another reason to enjoy them more often. A group of Indian scientists have found that cardamonin, a chemical found in cardamom and other edible plants like ginger and peppercorn, is effective in preventing and controlling colorectal cancer in mice. Researchers at the Rajiv Gandhi

Panama Papers point to Trump-Russia links, high profile Indian names also figure in the list

Newsroom24x7 Network A set of 13.4 million electronic documents, known as Paradise Papers, that relate to offshore investment including even those that could have been used to avoid taxation, have come into the public domain. The Paradise Papers trace their origin to the offshore law firm Appleby, corporate services providers Estera and Asiaciti Trust, and

Indian astronomers get an insight into Crab nebula pulsar

Dr T V Venkteswaran New Delhi: A star spectacularly exploded about 7500 years ago. Situated at about 6500 light years away, the dazzling light from the explosion reached the earth during 1054 CE. The luminosity of the explosion was brighter than million suns, and was hence even visible in day light to the wonderment Chinese astronomers. They

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