“Fear Files-Har Mod PeDarr” returns on ZEE TV

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Popular actor Khyaati Keswani was in Bhopal to promote the show - Har Mod PeDarr
Popular actor Khyaati Keswani was in Bhopal to promote the show – Har Mod PeDarr

Bhopal: ZEE TV brings fear back on television as it returns with the next edition of the franchise ‘Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr’.

Following the remarkable success of the first season of Fear Files, the first-of-its-kind drama-documentary horror series, ZEE TV brings fear back on television as it returns with the next edition of the franchise ‘Fear Files – Har Mod Pe Darr’.

The first season of Fear Files uncovered the truth behind some of the most intriguing, unfathomable events that have taken place across different parts of India – a format pioneered by Zee TV. Its unique narrative, attention to detail, authenticity and the right mixture of first-hand testimony and gripping realistic drama raised the bar for horror thrillers on Indian television.

The second season approaches fear from an interesting perspective – You can run … But you cannot hide… it is closer to you than you think … because fear can haunt you every step of the way! It’s not just about ghosts, gore and bloodshed but stories that keep you on the edge, simply because they tap fear of the sub-conscious mind that can grip you just about anywhere, anytime!

Starting April 25, and airing every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm, Fear Files – Har Mod peDarr will re-define fear and narrate mystifying stories that defy explanation but evoke a sense of ‘This could happen to you’. In a country where horror is represented by voodoo dolls, lemons and chillies, Fear Files will take the road less travelled and explore the psychology of fear.

Putting together these spine-chilling tales is not the job of one but multiple production houses such as Zee’s content engine -Essel Vision, BBC Productions, Bodhi Tree Productions, and ShreeJagannath Productions. The high- octane thriller series will see a new story of fear in every episode, where the characters will be exposed to the darkness of the diabolical mind rather than just physical harm at the hands of demons.

Ranging from chronicles of the possessed, vindictive lovers to forays into some of the most legendary haunted places to exploratory accounts of undefined identities that possess the human body to stories that unravel the truth behind paranormal activities, this season of Fear Files will explore the myriad facets of fear.

Hold on to your breath and allow yourself to get totally immersed in the suspense of these captivating stories coming right up on your television screens. Watch ‘Fear Files …Har Mod PeDarr’ on Zee TV on April 25 and thereafter every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm.

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  1. I was the big fan of fear files the stories used to scare me more then any horror show and also those stories were based on true event so that was the high point of the show so these days I watch aahat which is the very bad fake horror show so I can’t wait to watch fear files har mod pe darr I’m also a horror fan and I love vampires stories so I will expect to watch a vampire related story in upcoming fear files


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