Centre appoints panel to formulate Perspective Plan for Indian Forest Service

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New Delhi: Union Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has constituted a Committe to formulate a Prospective Plan for the Indian Forest Service (IFS) in view of the fast-changing scenario in forestry, environment, climate change and wildlife fields.

The Committee comprises of following: Chairperson Dr. S.P. Yadav, ADGF (PT) & MS (NTCA), Prasant Kumar, IFS (Retd), Former Special Secretary Mo Rural Development, Dr. R.K. Singh, IFS (Retd), Former PCCF & HoFF, Chhattisgarh, Praveen Garg, IAS (Retd), Former SS&FA, MEF&CC, Ms Tilottama Verma, IPS, Addl. Director, WCCB, New Delhi, P. Pugazhendi, IFS, APCCF, Govt. of Kerala, Dr. Saket Badola, IFS, CF, Office of PCCF, Uttarakhand, (all of them Members) and Ramesh Kumar Pandey, IG (IFS), MoEF&CC Member Secretary.

The Committee shall deliberate taking into account all the relevant perspectives and shall submit its suggestions/recommendations to the Ministry within forty-five days from the date of the formation of the Committee (24 May 2022).

DC Sud, a retired PCCF has observed: “Unless you make the forest job at all levels, especifically at the cutting edge more lucarative, more satisfying and better than other similar services, no purpose will be served. As of now see the IFS Cadre strength and job being handled by them – especially the top management – it will show that it is a terribly top-heavy structure. The real cadre that needs to be strengthened is forest guards, and foresters. They need to be trained well and deployed as per their ability and aptitude, without any whim.”

“I personally feel that Forest department is terribly controlled by bureauoracy and politicians.The HoD is not allowed to work freely being a technical experienced administrator.”

“Remove these bottle-necks first and then go for any restructuring of the Cadre.
This is my view after having served in forestry sector for nearly 3 decades and retired as PCCF.”

“Many pitfalls will be there if we do not consider these facts.”

Another retired IFS Officer with vast experience – both in the sphere of wildlife management and territorial forest in Madhya Pradesh has a different take. He has cautioned against the likelyhood of the Indian Forest Service getting further diluted. He pointed to the fact that already Indian Forest Service (IFS) is being called IFoS on flimsy grounds whereas it’s an all India Service protected by the Constitution. Now this order comes out of the blues, he went on to add.

Newsroom24x7 had taken a lead on this issue. Check: Long term perspective Plan for the cadre management of the Indian Forest Service

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