Center of Excellence at NITTTR Bhopal in Digitization and Industry 4.0: An initiative to develop globally competent future workforce

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BHOPAL: NITTTR, Bhopal has jointly set up a Center of Excellence in association with Siemens Industry Software (India) Pvt Ltd to provide high end skill training, industrial consultancy and research work in the field of Industry 4.0 and Digitization.

Out of the four NITTTRs in the country, the Ministry of Education has given approval to NITTTR, Bhopal for setting up this center.

According to Director Prof.C.C.Tripathi, NITTTR Bhopal is going to set new dimensions in the field of education, training & research through the establishment of this Center of Excellence. This center will also fulfill the need of human resource for the industry in the specialized lab as per the new education policy 2020. In this center more than 300 graduate level students of inter disciplinary subjects will be able to get the solutions and expected results for real life engineering problems through available simulation tools and high end hardware. In this center, from the month of June, students will be able to do 4 to 6 weeks summer training and 6 months dissertation work.

According to center Chairmen Prof. K.K.Jain, for setting up of eleven laboratories in the Center of Excellence, the MOU was signed with Siemens Industry Software (India) Private Limited (Technology Partner) & with 3-D Engineering Automation LLP Pune (Execution Partner). These eleven laboratories include Additive Manufacturing, CNC Controller, Electrical and Energy Saving, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things, Manufacturing Process Digitization, Mechatronics, Process Automation and Instrumentation, Product Design and Validation, Robotics, Simulation, optimization and test.

Prof. Ajay Sarathe, Centre secretory, is optimistic that this center will increase the employability of the students and make them aware about the latest needs of the industries as well as fulfill the need of teacher training in various emerging fields.

Prof. Sharad Pradhan, Dean Corporate and International Relations, has underscored, the institute has also executed letter of association with various industries, so that through this Center of Excellence both the institute and the industry can be benefited.

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