Police crackdown on MCU students; 2 faculty members accused of spreading caste hatred

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Bhopal: A section of students at Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism University in the capital of Madhya Pradesh have accused two teachers of spreading caste hatred, through social media and also in the class room, and demanded their removal. Students allege that Adjunct faculty professors Dilip Mandal and Mukesh Kumar are vitiating the atmosphere in the university.

There is another section of students that has given a memorandum to the university Vice Chancellor to extend their support to the faculty members being targeted for spreading caste hatred. It is being said that the present unrest among the students is politically motivated. Disgruntled forces and external elements are behind the present trouble when serious efforts were being been made to improve the university’s working after the change of government in the State last year. Under the previous regime, the atmosphere in the campus had been vitiated by excessive politicisation of the university, it is being points out.

The students staged a sit-in protest outside the Vice Chancellor’s office on Thursday and caused damage to property. On Friday, students continued their protest outside the VC’s office. When the administration failed to pacify them, the police was informed.

The students have alleged that the police, was called by the administration. The cops used force when they were protesting peacefully on the top floor. They were dragged on the stairs and brought down two levels to the third floor. During the uproar, 3 students fainted and were rushed to hospital by ambulance.

The university has formed a committee to investigate the matter. It has been given 15 days to submit a report.

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