Journalist burnt to death by mining mafia in Madhya Pradesh

Newsroom24x7 Desk

journalist burnt to deathBalaghat/Wardha: Within days of a journalist being burnt to death in Uttar Pradesh allegedly at the behest of a state minister, Sandeep Kothari, a firebrand journalist crusading against the illegal mining mining mafia in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh was abducted on Friday night and burnt to death

The charred body of Sandeep was found dumped at a spot in Wardha district in Maharashtra

The Police have arrested in connection with this case two persons- Brijesh Duharwal and Vishal Dandi – while a third accused Rakesh Nasvani is absconding. All these accused have a crimiwere involved in illegal mining and were also operating a chit fund company.

Sandeep (40) was abducted late on 19 June when he was heading for a village in Balaghat district witha friend on a motorcycle. There was presure on Sandeep to withdraw a case of illegal mining he had filed in a court.

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