CBI arrests Chief General Manager of NHAI in a bribery case

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Bribery linked with NHAI Projects in Gujarat – for showing favour in issuing completion certificates, processing bills, and smooth progression of the awarded works – CBI

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation on Friday 15 July 2022 arrested Chief General Manager (Tech) & Regional Officer, NHAI, Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and a private person (a representative of Mumbai based private company) in connection with a bribery of Rs.10 Lakh.

A case was registered against the Chief General Manager(Tech) & Regional Officer-NHAI, Gandhinagar; Manager Director of private company based at Mumbai and an official of said private company; MD of Ahmedabad based private company and an official of the alleged private company; General Manager of another private company based at Gandhinagar and other unknown public servants and private persons. It was alleged that the Chief General Manager (Tech) & Regional Officer(RO)-NHAI, Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and others were indulging in illegal activities in connivance with certain representatives of private companies working in NHAI Projects under his jurisdiction, to show them favour in issuance of completion certificates, processing of bills, smooth progression of the awarded works and others etc.

It was further alleged that the company officials were in contact with the Regional Officer of NHAI, Gandhinagar for obtaining favours through illegal means specially in respect of their ongoing project Package-I (Ahmedabad-Dholera from KM 0.00 to KM 22.00); Package-II (Ahmedabad-Dholera from KM 22.00 to KM 48.52) and RE Wall (reinforced earth wall used for sustaining soil laterally so that it can be retained at different levels on both sides of the carriageway) as well as EOT (Extension of Time) matter of Package-III Construction (Ahmedabad-Dholera from KM 48.52 to KM 71.06). It was also alleged that in pursuance of the said conspiracy, the said  representative of private company, as per the directions of  CGM / RO, NHAI agreed to come to his residence at Gandhinagar. The company representative was also allegedly collecting the payment of undue advantage, to be paid to the NHAI officer, on behalf of other companies also.

CBI apprehended the representative of theprivate company and the CGM of NHAI and recovered the bribery amount of Rs.10 Lakh from the residence of the accused NHAI officer. 

Searches were conducted at the premises of accused and others at  Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Jaipur. Cash to the tune of approximately Rs.20.50 Lakh was recovered during searches from the premises of the accused CGM.

Both the arrested accused will be produced before the Competent Court.

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