Train teachers to meet the needs of the world: NITTTR director Prof. C.C. Tripathi

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Prof. C.C. Tripathi

Bhopal: Director NITTTR – Bhopal Prof. C.C. Tripathi on Friday 8 July 2022 emphasised today it is important to carry out the work of making teachers keeping in mind the needs of the world in the 21st century.

Professor Tripathi was reviewing the work being done by the institute, especially in the area of training technical teachers and research. The Director contemplated on the work done in the field of technical education and the future avenues. He stated that every person handling the various kinds of duties in the institute is vital to the organisation. He went on to appreciate the efforts being put by all in the right direction to help NITTTR Bhopal achieve greater heights. He reiterated the fact that all the people here should take initiative and play a constructive role for the development of the institution. He personally interacted with all the departments and motivated them to be innovative and carry out research work in teaching, training and in the larger education sphere. He urged the faculty members to ensure students benefit from new technology and various schemes of the Government of India through start-ups, entrepreneurship etc. He emphasized the importance of global needs adding one should not forget to address even the local ones.

With the passage of time, Prof Tripathi said, the role of teachers has changed significantly. Working in new areas of technology, collaborative and experiential learning, organizational behaviour and multidisciplinary education is the need of the hour. We are going to take initiative in this direction very soon. The Center of Excellence and Teaching Learning Centre set up by the Institute to provide high-skill training, industrial consultancy and research work in the field of Industry 4.0 and Digitization will jointly develop and commercialize teaching aids by protecting its intellectual property rights. We have to work for a strong partnership with the industry and take their experiences to our teachers and students. Organize and record the lectures of experts doing excellent work in various fields across the country. Prof. Tripathi said. He appreciated the MOOC’s programs made by NITTTR- Bhopal for technical teachers. He directed the departments to update the laboratories. The software available in the departments should be used properly by the trainees. Institute library and training hostel should be well equipped.

Prof. Tripathi suggested that Hindi cell be set up to take up the work of translation of all the teaching and learning resources developd by the institute for the benefit of the masses at large.

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