Two forest guards attacked by poachers near Bhopal

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BHOPAL: Poachers shot one forest guard and injured another with a sharp edged weapon in the Badli forest circle of Berasia near Bhopal at about 8 o’clock on Saturday night

One of the injured guards continues to be treated in the government hospital at Berasia, while the other has been referred to Bhopal.

The names of the injured are Parvat Gurjar and Inder Gurjar.

The incident occured when the forest guards were returning home after having food at the forest nursery. They came face to face with two poachers when they went ahead to investigate what was happening after seeing a torch flashing at a distance.

As they reached the spot, one guard was shot by a poacher while the other was stabbed with a knife.

Even after being stabbed, the guard, Inder Singh, overpowered a Poachers and snatched his gun. The second guard was hit by pallet in his private part.

The poachers fled from the spot leaving behind the gun.

Barasiya Ranger NK Chauhan, Nazirabad TI BP Singh, and SDO Forest Department rushed to Hamidia Hospital.

Display image: Representative file photo

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