Rats dig into a body kept in Kasturba morgue within 24 hours

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kasturba hospitalBhopal : A woman dies of severe complications. Grieved relatives keep her body in custody of morgue in Kasturba hospital, to come and collect her the next day, for want of preparation of last rites. Hospital administration of Kasturba morgue hands over the body the next day, albeit in a shocking condition.

Case in point – rats nibble into the woman’s dead body, pierce her face with holes, eating up her facial skin, and stun the relatives of the deceased.

Relatives kept the body of elderly woman, Jadia Bai, 65, in a mortuary at 9:45 pm and left the hospital premises to come and collect the body the next day. On Sunday morning, when doors of the morgue were opened to hand over the body, a scene witnessed on the morgue — made relatives shake out into the reality — as they were presented with frightful rats’ colony running about the place, evacuating their relative’s deceased body. As the paramedic staff opened to take out the body, family members were horrified to look at the body. Rodents nibbled and ate up dead skin and made holes all over the body, head, nose, face, neck and other parts.

Seeing the condition of body, relatives boiled with h rage and rushed to senior doctors to complain about it. The relative, deceased’s son, stated to media – My mother suffered from asthma and was critical for past few days. We lost her on Saturday evening. When we returned to take the body on Sunday, we found rats in the morgue and holes all over the body, especially on face. It speaks a lot about the hospital administration. If we had come after some more time, rodents would have caused greater damage to the body. When someone close passes away, family goes in shock and incidents like this only excerbate it.

The deceased’s relative is an employee with BHEL, and hence was availing the services of Kasturba Hospital, which he was eligible to. The situation began getting out of control as relatives took the whole hospital into psychological ransom. This resulted in action from senior practicioners within the hospital who quickly ordered an inquiry. The CMO (Chief Medical and Health Officer) of Kasturba hospital clarified to media — We have formed a three-member committee to look into reason and fix the responsibilty. New mortuary might take some more time due to technical issues with the building. We have directed to take all measures to prevent recurrence of such incident.

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