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Ustad: The complete story


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New Delhi: There is so much heat and dust over the manner in which Ustad, the magnificent tiger from Ranthambore in Rajasthan in India was convicted for homicide, branded as man-eater and shifted at breakneck speed by the forest authorities from the Ranthambore National Park to Sajjangarh zoo after a forest guard was attacked and killed near the main gate of the park on 8 May this year.


Sanctuary AsiaSanctuary Asia has published a complete and objective story of Ustad without taking sides. Sanctuary underscores “the attack and killing of a forest guard in Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, by a tiger identified as T24, and the cat’s subsequent incarceration has created a national uproar on social media.”

The Sanctuary Asia editorial team aided by Chandra Rampuria, passionate wildlife photographer, and a dynamic conservation network, has tried to focus on the gist of what has been spoken and highlighted through 3,000 Facebook posts on this burning issue,”

CLICK here to read: Ranthambhore’s Ustad Saga published by Sanctuary Asia.



Photo of Ustad by Bobbie Jamwal. He is a wildlife expert and knows Ranthambore like the back of his hand

Newsroom24x7 had published in the last week of June the outline suggested by Cee4life for a special sanctuary for special tigers like Ustad. Cee4life, an Australian registered Charity devoted to Conservation and Environmental Education, has developed the plans and design of one such sanctuary for tigers in another country. [CLICK here for the outline of Cee4life’s offer]

According to Sybelle Foxcroft, founder Director of Cee4life, they figured Ustad will not be released back into the wild; Ustad will not be euthanised; Ustad will live in a captive environment due to court ruling. Also, as there were so many heated and bellowing voices regarding his case, on 19 May Cee4life offered another option to the ever growing amount of so called “problem tigers” of India.


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