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Unlike Nehru, Modi has taken China head on


Rajiv Lochan

Narendra Modi has finally taken China head on. Challenged Chinese might. Asked the Indian military to force China to retreat with little concern whether the Chinese leadership loses face or not. Which is how it should have been decades ago. Which is the only thing which will force China to behave in a civilised manner. It is important to contain China, with force if necessary, lest China becomes the focus of a debilitating war for the world.


We have to keep in mind that China today is much like Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s. With an extremely high self-opinion. Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Middle Glorious People’s Republican Country is what they call themselves even though their behaviour is anything but glorious. The world of the 1930s tolerated Hitler and paid an extremely high price for it.

China today is high on nationalism. Ever eager to expand territory. With little regard to any international treaty or civilised behaviour. Merrily using its surplus money to buy out poorer countries where the leadership does not have sense enough to improve the economy or where the leadership is willing to sell off their country to China for a pittance.

Those who have observed China for decades tell us that China indulges in salami slicing. Their descriptions of this salami slicing also suggests that China’s strategy succeeds only because no other country objects to it strenuously. Now India, under Narendra Modi, has. With over 45,000 troops standing on the northern border, Modi has made it clear that he will not hesitate to physically punish China should the Chinese not behave. This is unlike Nehru in the 1950s who would make useless noises and allow China to continuously expand into the Himalayan plateaus.

As it is the world has begun to boycott China. The great Chinese miracle was a conseqence of the world purchasing Chinese goods. In the absence of those purchases the Chinese will be forced to produce only for their own internal market. That would not be good for wealth creation as were the markets of Europe and America.

Also, if India gives up its hesitation to establish a strong military presence in the seas, it will help the other great powers contain China. Already the Americans and the Japanese and the Australians are eager to stop China expanding into the seas.

The author, Rajiv Lochan is a renowned historian, scholar, columnist and academician


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