THE GAZETTE OF INDIA, JANUARY 16, 1965 (PAUSA 26, 1886) [PART I—SEC. 1, page 24

(Department of Agriculture)
New Delhi, the 8th January 1965

No. b-2/b5-C{E).-Government of India have had under consideration for some time the question setting up a body to provide advice on a continuing basis on agricultural price policy and price structure in the context of the need to raise agricultural production and give relief to the consumer. They have now decided to set up an Agricultural Prices Commission, with Prof. M. L. Dantwala, Head of the Department of Economics, University of Bombay, as Chairman.

The terms of reference of the Commission shall be as follows :—

1. To advise on the price policy of agricultural commodities, particularly paddy, rice, wheat, jowar, bajra, maize, gram and other pulses, sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton and jute with a view to evolving a balanced and integrated price structure in the perspective of the overall needs ot the economy and with due regard to the interests of the producer and the consumer.

1.1 While recommending the price policy and the relative price structure the Commission may keep in view the following:

(i) The need to provide incentive to the producer for adopting improved technology and for maximising production;
(ii) The need to ensure rational utilisation of land and other production resources;
(iii) The likely effect of the price policy on the rest of the economy, particularly on the cost of living, level of wages, industrial cost structure, etc.

1.2 The Commission may also suggest such non-price measures as would facilitate the achievement of the objectives set out in 1 above.

2. To recommend from time to time, in respect of different commodities, measures necessary to make the price policy effective.

3. To examine, where necessary, the prevailing methods and costs of marketing of agricultural commodities in different regions, suggest measures to reduce costs of marketing and recommend lair price margins for different stages of marketing.

4. To keep under review the developing price situation and to make appropriate recommendations, as and when necessary, within the framework of the overall price policy.

5. To keep under review studies relating to the price policy and arrangements for collection of information regarding agricultural prices and other related data and suggest improvements
in the same.

6. To advise on any problems relating to agricultural prices and production that may be referred to it by Government from time to time.

The Commission will maintain close touch with other agencies dealing with matters having a bearing on prices and production, including the Steering Group on Wages, Incomes and Savings Policy and the Food Corporation of India.

The Commission will determine its own procedures. It will be free to call for notes, memoranda, results of studies, data and any other material relevant to its work from official and non-official bodies, and hold discussion with them.

The Commission will submit reports to Government as and when necessary in respect of different commodities or groups thereof.

The Commission is set up initially for a period of three years and may continue thereafter as long as necessary.


Ordered that a copy of the Resolution be communicated to all the Ministries and Departments of the Governments of India, all the State Governments and Union Territories, Planning Commission, Cabinet Secretariat, Lok Sabha Secretariat, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Secretariat.
President’s Secretariat, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, all members of the Panel of Economists, Panel of Administrators, Panel of Scientists, all Attached and Subordinate Offices under the Ministry of Food & Agriculture (Departments of Food and Agriculture).

ORDERED also that the Resolution be published in the Gazette of India, for general information.

G. R. KAMAT, Secy