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Assembly Polls: Victory for Mamata in West Bengal, BJP in Assam and Puducherry, LDF in Kerala and DMK-Congress alliance in Tamil Nadu

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New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party, the ruling party at the Centre, has been beaten squarely by the All India Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee in the general election to the West Bengal Assembly.

This is AITC’s third consecutive victory in Bengal Assembly election.

Till 7 pm on Sunday 2 May 2021, AITC was leading in 192 and had 21 of the 292 seats when the counting of votes was still in progress

The Bharatiya Janata Party was way begind, leading in 75 seats and winning three seats (73).
The Left parties and Indian National Congress failed to open their account.

In Tamil Nadu, Stalin-led Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), in alliance with Congress, will replace the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) ruling the State for 10 years. DMK alliance was ahead in 112 constituencies while ally Congress was leading in 16 seats.

The AIADMK was leading in 75 seats and had won two seats while the BJP was leading in three of the total 234 seats.

The Left Democratic Front in Kerala created history by retaining power in the state where goverments change every five years. The LDF won 44 seats and was ahead in 49 while the opposition Congress-led United Democratic Front bagged 17 seats and was leading in 25 seats of 140 seats. The BJP failed to open its account.

In Assam BJP was on its way to form the Government. The ruling BJP alliance with AGP and UPPL has given a drubbing to the Congress party’s grand alliance in Assam.

Election Commission announces Assembly election in 4 States and 1 Union Territory

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New Delhi: Election Commission of India on Friday 26 February announced the schedule for General election to the Legislative Assemblies of four States – Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengaland Union Territory of Puducherry.

Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal: 

Poll EventsPhase-I (30 ACs)Phase-II (30 ACs)Phase-III (31 ACs)Phase-IV (44 ACs)Phase-V (45 ACs)Phase-VI (43 ACs)Phase-VII (36 ACs)Phase-VIII (35 ACs)
Date of Issue of Notification02.03.2021(Tuesday)05.03.2021(Friday)12.03.2021(Friday)16.03.2021(Tuesday)23.03.2021(Tuesday)26.03.2021(Friday)31.03.2021(Wednesday)31.03.2021(Wednesday)
Last date of making nomination09.03.2021(Tuesday)12.03.2021(Friday)19.03.2021(Friday)23.03.2021(Tuesday)30.03.2021(Tuesday)03.04.2021(Saturday)07.04.2021(Wednesday)07.04.2021(Wednesday)
Date of Scrutiny10.03.2021(Wednesday)15.03.2021(Monday)20.03.2021(Saturday)24.03.2021(Wednesday)31.03.2021(Wednesday)05.04.2021 (Monday)08.04.2021 (Thursday)08.04.2021(Thursday)
Last date of withdrawal12.03.2021(Friday)17.03.2021(Wednesday)22.03.2021(Monday)26.03.2021(Friday)03.04.2021(Saturday)07.04.2021(Wednesday)12.04.2021(Monday)12.04.2021(Monday)
Date of Poll27.03.2021(Saturday)01.04.2021(Thursday)06.04.2021(Tuesday)10.04.2021(Saturday)17.04.2021(Saturday)22.04.2021(Thursday)26.04.2021(Monday)29.04.2021(Thursday)
Date of Counting02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)02.05.2021(Sunday)
Date of completion04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)04.05.2021(Tuesday)

Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Assam: 

Poll EventsPhase-I (47 ACs)Phase-II (39 ACs)Phase-III (40 ACs)
Date of Issue of Notification02.03.2021 (Tuesday)05.03.2021 (Friday)12.03.2021 (Friday)
Last date of making nomination09.03.2021 (Tuesday)12.03.2021 (Friday)19.03.2021 (Friday)
 Date of Scrutiny10.03.2021 (Wednesday)15.03.2021 (Monday)20.03.2021 (Saturday)
Last date of withdrawal12.03.2021 (Friday)17.03.2021 (Wednesday)22.03.2021 (Monday)
Date of Poll27.03.2021 (Saturday)01.04.2021 (Thursday)06.04.2021 (Tuesday)
Date of Counting02.05.2021 (Sunday)02.05.2021 (Sunday)02.05.2021 (Sunday)
Date of completion04.05.2021 (Tuesday)04.05.2021 (Tuesday)04.05.2021 (Tuesday)

Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Kerala: 

Poll EventsSingle Phase (All 140 ACs)
Date of Issue of Notification12.03.2021 (Friday)
Last date of making nomination19.03.2021 (Friday)
Date of Scrutiny20.03.2021 (Saturday)
Last date of withdrawal22.03.2021 (Monday)
Date of Poll06.04.2021 (Tuesday)
Date of Counting02.05.2021 (Sunday)
Date of completion04.05.2021 (Tuesday)

Schedule for General Election to the LegislativeAssembly of Puducherry: 

Poll EventsSingle Phase (All 30 ACs)
Date of Issue of Notification12.03.2021 (Friday)
Last date of making nomination19.03.2021 (Friday)
Date of Scrutiny20.03.2021 (Saturday)
Last date of withdrawal22.03.2021 (Monday)
Date of Poll06.04.2021 (Tuesday)
Date of Counting02.05.2021 (Sunday)
Date of completion04.05.2021 (Tuesday)

Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu: 

Poll EventsSingle Phase (All 234 ACs)
Date of Issue of Notification12.03.2021 (Friday)
Last date of making nomination19.03.2021 (Friday)
Date of Scrutiny20.03.2021 (Saturday)
Last date of withdrawal22.03.2021 (Monday)
Date of Poll06.04.2021 (Tuesday)
Date of Counting02.05.2021 (Sunday)
Date of completion04.05.2021 (Tuesday)

Senior Trinamool Congress leader quits Mamata Cabinet

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Kolkata: Senior Trinamool Congress leader Suvendu Adhikari on Friday 27 November quit as a cabinet minister in the Mamata Banerjee government, shooting his letter of resignation to the Chief Minister ans emailing a copy to Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar.

Tendering his resignation as Minister, Adhikari has urged the Chief Minister that steps be taken for its immediate acceptance.

Cyclone AMPHAN: Toll rises to 80 in West Bengal

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after an aerial survey on Friday, 22 May 2020 said that the West Bengal government and the Central government worked hard together to take all the necessary steps to minimize the loss caused by cyclone AMPHAN but despite that, we could not save the lives of about 80 people. We are all sad about it. The Central Government, State Government and all of us offer our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones and we are with them in this hour of crisis.

Once again, a cyclone has hit the coastal region of India, especially the eastern region. It has caused great loss to our brothers and sisters of West Bengal and has caused extensive damage to the property here.

There is also considerable loss of property – whether it is agriculture, the power sector, telecommunication, or the houses that have been damaged. There have been losses of different infrastructure, and also in the business world and the agriculture sector; everyone has suffered great losses.

Today I have done an aerial survey of this vast expanse of affected area by closely inspecting with the Chief Minister, and the Governor. Right now the State Government and the Chief Minister have given me the details of the primary assessment. We have decided to send a central team and conduct a detailed survey at the earliest on different sectors like agriculture, power sector, telecommunication, the status of houses and infrastructure.

Immediately a team will come from the central government and that team will conduct survey in all these areas and together we can arrange for rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction. By preparing a comprehensive plan, we will fully support Bengal in this hour of grief, and help Bengal bounce back as quickly as possible. Bengal should again start moving at a fast pace as soon as possible. And for this, the Government of India will work shoulder to shoulder with the State government. We will stand by the state and help West Bengal by fully implementing every policy and regulations of the Government of India to fulfil those requirements.

One thousand crore rupees will be arranged by the Government of India as an advance assistance to help the State Government in this hour of crisis. At the same time, we will also provide assistance of up to two lakh rupees from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund to the families who have lost their loved ones and up to 50 thousand rupees to those who have suffered injuries.

The whole world is struggling with a crisis. India is also constantly fighting a battle against the corona virus. The Mantra of winning the battle against corona virus and the cyclone are completely opposite to each other.

The mantra to fight the corona virus is – do not get out of the house and stay wherever you are; do not get out of the house if not required. But the Cyclone’s mantra is – be at a safe spot as soon as possible. Shift to a safe site, try to get there and leave your houses. That is, both are different types of battles that have to be fought by West Bengal simultaneously.

But even then, the state government, under the leadership of Mamata ji, has done its best. The Government of India has also been with them constantly and all measures that were necessary to take in advance had been taken beforehand to deal with this crisis and are also taking steps regarding what needs to be done in the days to come.

Today is the birth anniversary of Raja Rammohan Roy, for whom the entire country feels proud. And at this time, being on the holy land of West Bengal, I feel overwhelmed. But we are struggling with this crisis at hand, So, I will only say that may Raja Rammohan Roy ji blesses us all so that we can sit together and work together to fulfil the dreams of social change which he had dreamt of! We will continue our work in the direction of bringing about social reforms for the development of the future generations and for a better future. That will be the best tribute to Raja Rammohan Roy.

I assure all my brothers and sisters in West Bengal that the whole country is with you in this hour of crisis. The central government will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in every work. I have come to meet you at this time of crisis, but due to Corona virus, I am unable to meet all the citizens; so, there will be a regreat in my mind. From here, I will go to Odisha today and will also conduct aerial survey there. I will talk to the honourable Chief Minister and the state government.

Once again I would say that I am with you in this hour of misery in West Bengal. And I will be always with you so that you are able to get out of this crisis as soon as possible.

PM’s remarks after aerial survey of Odisha

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi arrives at Bhubaneswar to take stock of the situation in the wake of Cyclone Amphan, in Odisha on May 22, 2020.

The world is fighting a war to save lives from the corona virus on one side. In the hour of such a crisis – be it the central government or the state governments – all the departments and all the citizens have been engaged in the fight against corona virus for the last two-and-a-half months.

At such a time, another major crisis in the form of a Cyclone – a Super-Cyclone – was a matter of great concern. How much damage would it cause to Odisha while moving towards Bengal also remained a matter of concern! Odisha has been able to achieve a great success in saving the lives of the citizens here with the help of the arrangements that have been institutionalized here and with the knowledge of what should be done by the citizens in the villages. And many congratulations to the citizens of Odisha, the administration and the Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Babu and his entire team.

But when such a big natural disaster comes, then there is an extensive loss of property. The loss in Odisha has not been much as compared to that of West Bengal, but even while crossing the state it has left its trail. It is such a crisis. And so I have fully reviewed the damage that has been caused to the housing, agriculture, power, communication and infrastructure today. The state government has also placed all the preliminary details in front of me.

The central Government will soon receive the report from the state government after assessment. A central government team will also reach here at the earliest and after reviewing the whole situation, work and help related to long-term relief, restoration and rehabilitation would be provided. The work will be carried forward, giving priority to all these things.

But keeping in mind the immediate needs, we have decided to give 500 crore rupees as an advance arrangement on behalf of the Government of India. And once the rest of the requirements are completed and the complete planning for rehabilitation is in place, the Government of India will work shoulder to shoulder with the State government in the journey of development in Odisha and help the State to come out of this crisis.