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VIP culture, Reservation and the general plight

Indu Indira Lala Road blocks are happening off and on for two different reasons. Reason  One – because of a new voice agitating for another demanding community – aka Hardik Patel. He has ignited the volatile reservation demand for a powerful upwardly mobile community and is not prepared to relent. This guy is all set to

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Bhopal rush hour madness gives a License to hit !

Newsroom24x7 Investigative Team  Bhopal: Police station round the corner. Yet, Bhopal rush hour madness gives a License to hit ! Amongst all the wonderful links doing the rounds in Whatsapp today, this piece of accidental rage catches utmost attention for the wrong reasons ! Screeching tyres, foot pressed on the accelerator, steering going haywire, swaying

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