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Sanatan Mission condemns attack on Hindus in Bangladesh and joins ISKCON in demanding protection of minorities

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Bhopal (Central India): Sanatan Mission has condemned the orgy of violence by the terrorists and and radicalised Islamists, who targeted and slaughtered Hindus in Bangladesh during the Durga festival.

Sanatan Mission has asked the Bangladesh government to identify each and every element and the forces behind the series of attacks and the killings of the Hindus. The Government of India has also been urged to keep a close eye on action being taken by the Bangladesh authorities to deliver justice and uphold minority groups’ right to practice their religion. If Bangladesh fails to honour people’s right to life, liberty and religion, the people of India should boycott all import of goods from Bangladesh and inflict huge economic penalty on that country.

In a categorical message to Government of India, Sanatan Mission has said: “if we do not drive out all the Bangladeshis, i.e., the illegal migrants, North East will be another Kashmir soon”.

Sanatan Mission, which will be organising the World Parliament of Dharma in early 2022 in Bhopal, has also condemned the targeted killings of those from the minority community and the non-locals by the terrorists in Kashmir and the failure of the leaders of political parties in Kashmir who have got exposed once again since they refused to come out openly against the terrorists. Sanatan Mission has urged the Government of India to give extra push to its anti-terror operation by upgrading and giving more fire power to the Special Operation Group and launching a massive combing operation against the terrorists and their supporters across the Kashmir Valley.


ISKCON, which was a target of attack in Bangladesh has in a statement appealed for protection of minorities and demanded that attacks on Hindu temples and communities must be stopped.

The worldwide International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) community has expressed shock over the violent events directed against the Hindu minority in Bangladesh, including ISKCON temples and members.

Between October 13 and 15, multiple temples, homes, shops and individuals were attacked across several districts of the country. Several innocent members of the Hindu minority were killed for no reason other than their religious affiliation. Temples and private properties were bumed, vandalized, and destroyed.

Two of ISKCON’s Vaishnava devotees, Pranta Chandra das, and Jatan Chandra Saha, were murdered during these attacks. Another ISKCON member Nimai Chandra das, remains hospitalized in a critical condition.
While expressing gratitude to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her recent statements of support, ISKCON has called upon the Bangladesh government to take swift action to bring an end to the violence against minorities that has undermined the peace and well-being of Bangladeshi society and to take tangible steps to ensure the long-term safety and well-being of all Bangladeshi citizens. That includes to:

Bring to justice the perpetrators of these recent terrible crimes. The criminals behind these murderous attacks must be held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law, ISKCON has asked.

Take immediate, tangible, and substantial steps to provide security to minorities in Bangladesh, including Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists.

Ina spirit of unity, earlier today, massive protests were organized by the Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, of which ISKCON is an active member. Events were held in the cities of Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other parts of Bangladesh. Protestors demanded that the perpetrators of violence be held accountable, and the safety of all Bangladeshi minorities be ensured. Similar protests are planned in the coming days across Bangladesh. In other parts of the world, too, protests are being staged in support of Bangladeshi Hindus and other minorities.

3 killed in police firing in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: At least three persons were killed after police opened fire to control a mob that went berserk and indulged in large scale violence and arson over a “communally sensitive” post allegedly put on social media by a Congress legislator’s relative.

Naveen, allegedly responsible for the communally sensitive post has been arrested. The Karnataka Government has also issued a stern warning that rioting will not be tolerated.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant has confirmed that three people have died. The number of arrests linked with violence that erupted in Pulakeshi Nagar on Tuesday night and continued till the early hours of Wednesday morning has gone up to 100.

The rampaging mob that kept shouting “Allah Hu Akbar” targeted the house of the Congress MLA (whose brother had allegedly posted the controversial post) and the DJ Halli police station. The mob also set on fire many vehicles, including those belonging to the police.

The district administration has brought the DJ Halli and KG Halli Police station areas under curfew.


Video doing rounds on social media

Maoist agenda and present round of violence in JNU

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Who are the Maoists?

All should watch this video to grasp what late DM Mitra, a distinguished IPS officer, JNU alumnus and expert on Maoist extremism, had said about the Maoists many years ago at a seminar jointly organised by Newsroom24x7 and State Academy of Administration in Bhopal in 2011.

What was underscored by Mitra at this seminar is significant from the point of view of the violence perpetuated by the leftist students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), who resorted to violence to block the serious students from going through the registration process. This led to more violence when the ABVP students retaliated with extreme vengeance.

Just like JNU, the Jamia Millia, AMU and Jadhavpur Universities also have become the focal points of trouble.

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Anti-India slogans, call to destroy the country and JNU

A Former KGB agent on the Leftists in India and the Russian Connection: this video has gone viral on social media:

Students protesting against registration were the first to resort to violence and vandalism in the campus: JNU Registrar

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New Delhi: After Sunday’s orgy of violence, the JNU registrar has issued a press statement stating that the University administration strongly condemns any form of violence in the campus.

It is unfortunate that a group of students with their violent means of protests have been preventing thousands of non-agitating students from pursuing their academic activities, the University has said adding the JNU administration feels great pain and anguish for the students who have sustained injuries in this violence and the university adminitration will not tolerate any form of violence on the campus.

The violators of University rules who are trying to distrupt the peaceful academic atmosphere of the campus will not be spared, the University administration has said while making an appeal to all the stakeholders of the University to maintain peace in the campus and not to get provoked by any misinformation.

  • Official University Version
    From 1 January 2020, the Winter semester registration was going on smoothly.
  • On 3 January, a group of students opposing the registration process entered the Communication and Information Services (CIS) premises, covering their faces with masks and forcibly evicted the technical staff and made the servers disfunctional.
  • This led to the discontinuation of the registration process on 3 January. A police complaint was filed immediately identifying the students.
  • On 4 January moming, the technical staff again made the CIS functional. Immediately, thousands of students started registering by paying the new hostel room rent. A group of students bent upong stopping the registration process, again entered the CIS premises with a criminal intent to make the servers disfunctional. They damaged the power supplies, broke the optical fibres and made the servers disfunctional again on 4 January around 1 PM disrupting the registration process. A police complaint was again filed against the miscreants.
  • For the past few days, the group of agitating students also closed the buildings of some Schools preventing the non agitating students, staff and the faculty members. On 5 January, when the students who have registered in the winter semester wanted to enter these school buildings, they were physically prevented by the agitating students.
  • Since 5 January aftenoon, the campus witnessed scuffles at the Schools as well as inside the hostel premises between the groups of students who wanted to stop the registration and those who wanted to register and continue their studies.
  • Around 4.30 pm (5 January), a group of students, who are against the registration process moved aggressively from the front of the admin block and reached the hostels. The administration immediatedly contacted the Police to come and maintain law and order on the campus. By the time police came, the students who were for the registration process were beaten up by a group of agitating students opposting the registration.
  • Some masked miscreants also entered the Periyar hostel rooms and attacked the students with sticks and rods. Some of the security guards doing duties at these places were also badly injured.
  • During the last couple of weeks, these agitating students also vandalized the admin block and ransacked the office of the Vice Chancellor for which a few police complaints were filed.