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US condemns Islamic radical terror bloodshed and resolves to confront terrorism together with Sri Lanka

Newsroom24x7 network Washington DC: The US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo was quick in describing this week’s coordinated terror blasts in Sri Lanka as a horrific wave of Islamic radical terror bloodshed, on a day that was supposed to be a joyful Easter Sunday Pompeo was briefing media on 22 April 2019. He remarked:

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Venezuela, Leopaldo Lopez, the US and Guantanamo Bay detention camp

Newsroom24x7 Staff Washington: President Trump called on Venezuela on February 15 to release opposition leader and political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez. Announcing the US President’s demand for release of Lopez, Mark C. Toner, Deputy US State Department Spokesperson said in a statement that the Venezuelan government continues to arrest and imprison citizens from across Venezuelan society

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