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March 20, 2018


“Norway has supported US efforts to defeat ISIS and sent the right messages to North Korea”

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington DC: “Norway has been ever so supportive of the US efforts to defeat terrorism, the defeat of ISIS, and have also been very supportive of efforts to send the right messages to North Korea.” This was stated by the US Secretary of State Rex W Tillerson as he welcomed the Norwegian Foreign

US asks Iran to reverse religious leader Taheri’s conviction and death sentence

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington DC: The US has asked the Iranian Government to take whatever steps necessary to reverse the conviction and death sentence to Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of an Iranian spiritual movement. The US call comes following reports that an Iranian court has sentenced Taheri to death on charges of founding a religious

Pakistan gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence and terror: Donald Trump

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington DC: After having studying Afghanistan in great detail and from every angle and following many meetings, over many months, the US President Donald Trump held a final meeting last Friday at Camp David, with his Cabinet and Generals, to complete the US strategy vis-a-vis Afghanistan. Trump has concluded that the security threats

US-North Korea standoff: Chair of Centre for Global Nonkilling writes to UN Secretary General as war clouds gather

Newsroom24x7 Staff Honolulu: The Chair of the Governing Council of the Centre for Global Nonkilling (CGNK) Anoop Swarup has drawn the attention of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the dangers of an all out but avoidable war in view of North Korean President Kim Jong-Un’s bombastic declarations and US President Donald Trump’s aggressive retaliatory

Global Entrepreneurship Summit will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs

Women First, Prosperity for All Newsroom24x7 Staff Washington DC: The United States and India will co-host the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) November 28-30 in Hyderabad, India. Advisor to the US President Ivanka Trump will lead the United States’ delegation to the Summit, which will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth globally. President

US urges Russia to respect Georgia’s sovereignty

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington DC: The United States views the visit of President Putin to the Russian occupied Georgian territory of Abkhazia as inappropriate and inconsistent with the principles underlying the Geneva International Discussions, to which Russia is a party. In a statement on Wednesday (9 August 2017), the US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said

US President’s Special Envoy to the Global Coalition against ISIS blasts the so-called “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington DC: US President’s Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Brett McGurk said here on Friday (4 August 2017) that in part of Syria and Iraq, ISIS has been kicked out of key terrain that they had held. At a special briefing, McGurk said: “When ISIS really arrived on the

Cocaine use and overdose deaths in the United States are on the rise

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington, DC: After years of progress in combating coca cultivation and cocaine production, Colombia is once again the world’s largest producer of cocaine and is the origin of approximately 90 percent of the cocaine seized in the United States, according to the DEA Cocaine Signature Program. This was underscored by William R. Brownfield,

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