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Sacking of UPA-appointed Governors ‘a serious matter’ – SC to Centre

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Supreme Court of IndiaNew Delhi : ‘Explain’ was the response that Supreme Court (SC) sought from the ruling BJP-led central government, and issued a notice on account of sacking of UPA-appointed governors, based on a petition filed by the former governors. The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued notice and sought response from the BJP-led government on the issue of sacking of UPA-appointed Governors of Uttarakhand and Pudducherry in 2014, after it took the ruling in central government, and termed it as ‘a serious matter.’

A five-judge constitution bench headed by the Chief Justice T S Thakur, which was hearing a petition filed by Aziz Qureshi and Virendra Kataria, former Governors of Uttarakhand and Pudducherry respectively, sought response from the Centre within four weeks, and posted the matter on March 28. Aziz Qureshi was relieved of his designated assignment as governor soon after Modi-led BJP came to power in Central government in May 2014. Qureshi had alleged that that the then Home Secretary had threatened him to resign from the post or face removal.

Kataria, a former Congress leader, was also sacked as Puducherry Governor in July 2014, who made similar allegations on the ruling government in centre, claimed that, the designation was taken away as soon as Modi-led union government came to power. Court hearing proceeded on these grounds, and, during the hearing, the bench, observed thus — It is a serious matter. We may also have to lay down a format in which communications with such high constitutional dignitaries takes place.

Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi represented the Centre, while senior advocate and Congress leader Vivek Tankha was appearing for the two sacked Governors.

The plead further revealed factualities, which the bench observed thus — while a phone call was made to Qureshi by then Home Secretary Anil Goswami, in the case of Kataria, it was the Private Secretary of the Home Secretary, who had rung up the Governor, and, thereby, a notice was also issued to Goswami.

Qureshi had taken charge of the office on May 15, 2012 for a tenure of five years. It was claimed in Qureshi’s petition that Article 156 of the Constitution had not been followed and Home Secretary threatening the Governor was unconstitutional. It said — Issue an order or direction declaring that the impugned action of threatening the Governor to resign or face removal is constitutionally perverse, legally untenable, arbitrary, capricious and malicious and reprimand Home Secretary(and/or the persons responsible for such action) for his attempt to give such diktat to his constitutionally superior functionary…. There is no question that the Union Government or Home Minister, through Home Secretary, can set terms to the Governor and attempt to extract resignation under the fear of removal. Such mode of action is alien to the Constitution and violative of Constitutional ethos.

Politics is the art of deception

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modiNew Delhi : The debate of ruling government versus opposition has reached its boiling point wherein there are no holds barred in war of words and deeds between BJP and Congress. Elections forced Congress to vacate the centre and paved way for a promise-laden Modi-led BJP’s NDA Union government. However, while Congress wore the crown of thorns…oops scams, BJP has managed to adorn its crowning glory with jumlas, degree rows and miscalculated promises.

Result – Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while addressing a Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting this Tuesday, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a leader who made “Hawabaazi” (read empty hollow promises). She highlighted that Modi government has failed abysmally and stated evidence in support of her words – U-turn on land acquisition, downward slide of Indian economy, failure of Make In India’s job creation effort, total indecisiveness and random fluctuations on Pakistan policy, rewriting history by defaming Nehru and his clan, repression of media and being an RSS-controlled government (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh).

Immediately, Minister of HRD Smriti Irani mounted a counter attack on Congress President and  Vice-President. Speaking on the Mother-Son duo,  Irani stated that Sonia Gandhi was attacking Modi just because Congress wanted to cover up its own failures.  Rahul Gandhi is the real Hawabaaz, said Irani, referring to Amethi land row, and added that Rahul was pretending to become the messiah of farmers. Irani accused Congress of emptying the coffers of government via innumerable larger-than-life scams.

To this, Veteran Congress Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad reacted saying, those without degrees could become Ministers and MPs, thanks to Congress contribution – which brought independence and democracy. Other spokespersons from Congress maintained that Irani should first come clean  on her fake degree scam and then speak on Sonia matters.

A blog written by senior Congress Leader Manishankar Aiyar highlighted the U-turn on Land ordinance. Referring to the original Land Bill passed by Congress-led UPA in 2013, Aiyar recalled how Sumitra Mahajan and Arun Jaitely, the present Lok Sabha Speaker and present Finance Minister, respectively, themselves sat through the entire bill-making process and validated it. Then, when BJP came into power, how these very own politicians joined the chorus of criticizing the 2013 Bill as anti-farmer and made amendments and imposed it via ordinance route. Aiyar smelled a Gujarat Model redo in centre on the recent lapse of Land ordinance. Aiyar claimed that Land ordinance was in total support of industrialists and resulted in farmers getting sidelined and financially being rooted out in the bargain.

NDA government’s U-turn and decision of not going forward with the ordinance and letting it lapse, conveys the dilemma of ruling union government. Connecting the dots, one reaches to the Patel reservation demand, which initiated from Modi-land Gujarat and is threatening to spread nationally, thanks to Hardik Patel. Can the land ordinance (imposed forcefully after NDA takeover in centre) be held responsible for threatening uncertainties in agriculture professionals, resulting in fear of joblessness and forcing them to demand reservation even via protests and agitations, is a point to ponder. Because, the same Land Bill which was criticized by one and all from ruling government stands accepted today by the very same government. All this is fueling the raging debate of Modi government having fallen flat on its face on promises, and lacking in deliverance.