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Appeal for Tigers: Stop this video, Ban this video

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Appeal: Ban this Tiger Temple video

A video showcasing the notorious and infamous Tiger Temple of Thailand, dubbed with a specially created soundtrack – a song in Hindi that talks of the “land of the Buddha” is doing the rounds of the social media. The gullible, the ignorant and those who just live on the surface are falling into the trap and, sadly enough, they are excited about what they are seeing. Had it been otherwise, the video would have been deleted by them and it would not be circulated this way.
Newsroom24x7 has taken up this issue in the interest of the voiceless tigers who deserve our attention and a better fate. It is our demand that the video should be banned and it’s  circulation be declared a crime.

In the interest of the tigers, we have taken the considered decision not to embed the objectionable video along with this Appeal. For information sake we are only publishing random freeze frames of this video.

Our appeal to the entire World:

Stop this video, ban this video

Check this:

Tiger Temple Report by Cee4life

Missing Tigers of Tiger Temple

Months after raids on Tiger Temple




Tiger warrior rubbishes “Unchaining Tiger Tourism”

Sybelle Foxcroft

Some of the dead tiger cubs found when the Tiger Temple was raided by Thailand’s Department of National Parks (DNP). At this time, some writers of the report “Unchaining Tiger Tourism” were working inside the Tiger Temple and their own tigers were being slaughtered by the killers.

Opinion – Without bias

I just read a report called “Unchaining Tiger Tourism” which was released earlier this year. I found it a disappointing waste of time with no groundbreaking issues revealed or solutions. It is basically a tourist handbook guide for tiger attractions in Thailand. This report does not address the real guts of the real issues that face the tigers.

It is the most hypocritical report I’ve ever read, not only because it was written by the ex Tiger Temple staff who turned a blind eye for over a decade on the disappearing/killing of tigers of Tiger Temple, but also because the writers themselves abused, tortured and exploited these magnificent creatures.
In summary, the report offers no revelations that have not already been reported by numerous and far more reputable conservation groups for years, and required no guts or courage to get to the real grit of the situation.

In a nutshell, this is a tourist guide written by amateurs with regurgitated information that has already been published for years which almost verges on plagiarism . It is a tourist guide to tiger facilities in Thailand that is all talk and no action.

The author

Sybelle Foxcroft is an Australian wildlife management expert. She is the force behind the “Tiger Temple Report.” Reference (Read under heading The Sleuth).

Also read The killing of T1 tigress….


Grim tale of Tigers being hounded and slaughtered in your own backyard

Avni the mother tigress in Maharashtra India, with two cubs, who was framed, and who faced mass hysteria and lies, has been shot dead.
In the picture below are those responsible for the unrelenting hunting of this beautiful tigress who was not proven to have killed anyone. Avni was killed in front of her cubs. What will become of them now…. Cee4life



Harnfa the Tiger: Free from the clutches of Tiger Temple

Sybelle Foxcroft

Multiple times over the years I have gone into the Tiger Temple to see him, talk to him, keep telling him I was not going to give up on him because he never gave up on me. It was this tiger that taught me how to be strong in the face of terrible negatives, he taught me how to endure, and he remained so very dignified in that jail cell he spent 5 long years in


This is my beautiful boy Harnfa who I helped raise. When I say “my boy” Harnfa was raised by a few people in the early days, so he is also their boy too.

Sybelle Foxcroft
Sybelle Foxcroft

Harn and I were very close, I would rarely leave him and shared many conversations with him. Harnfa knew all my secrets as I had no one I could talk to, he would place his big paw on me when I cried silently and tears falling down my face. Multiple times over the years I have gone into the tiger temple to see him, talk to him, keep telling him I was not going to give up on him because he never gave up on me. It was this tiger that taught me how to be strong in the face of terrible negatives, he taught me how to endure, and he remained so very dignified in that jail cell he spent 5 long years in. A strong loyal boy who could easily recognise the good from the bad. He loved me so much and he showed it in so many ways. When I would be sitting beside him at his cage talking with him, if he saw someone “bad” coming near, he would stand his ground and at times swipe at them if they came near to me. Other times, If he was walking beside me and he saw a “bad”person coming, he would suddenly move forward and stand in front of me, blocking me from that person. When his beloved Darika was lost to the wildlife trade, the lovely female he thought of as his mother, he cried, I wiped his tears away and tried my hardest to comfort him. Yes, tigers cry, they feel. I filmed that moment, one I have never shown to the world, one that I will share one day soon.

Harnfa-1He could identify every one of the bad and he would stare them down . I would feel him begin to tense up and I placed my hand on his lovely head and say “shhhh boy, its ok harn. He would soften a litte, but never took his eyes off that person until they were gone.

He would then relax again and move back beside me, unblocking me from the potential danger he felt was present.

This is the tiger that I had to hide inside the inner section of his cage for a night after another wild cat of some kind stalked me in the dark. It was Harn who warned me the cat was there, the only place of reasonable safety near me was Harnfa’s inner cage section. A place he could easily reach me. He could have taken my life easily that night, but instead he watched over me. I was too scared to leave his cage because I didnt know what type of cat was out there or if it was gone. There was no choice, I had to stay with him.

I decided that if I was going to perish it would be by my beloved boy.

Exhausted, I fell asleep, I cant even remember falling asleep, but I do remember waking the next morning, opening my eyes, and there watching me gently was this beautiful tiger with the most extraordinary sunset and aqua eyes, his big paw touching my leg as he always did. He lowered his loving eyes and chuffed softly at me. He saved my life, I owed him everything, I promised him I would never stop. He looked at me as if to say, “I know you will try hard” but then he looked up into the morning sky as the wind slowly blew across his face making his whiskers flicker in the wind. His expression changed to a far away stare, there was sorrow in his expression.
When I saw that, I felt, he was so willing to comfort and protect and love me, but he had sensed the unknowing fear I had of how I could actually protect him. But he would look back at me again gently and chuff again. He loved his face to be stroked…… I look at my hands, knowing that he is now not far from my reach again.

Many times over the years Ive looked at my hands, closed my eyes and remembered the big male tiger who loved me…. I have missed him so much.

Now, it still has not sunk into me what has been achieved, that he actually is now out of harms way, but he is. Maybe its because I’ve got so used to being “on” constantly for nearly 10 years at the threat of his disappearance and the other beautiful tigers.

The hatred rumors created by some of the tiger temple staff has kept me far apart from my lovely boy. I was not allowed ever to be close to him and always had to view him and talk to him from afar. They hated me so much….. The pain has been immense, separated from the tiger who loved me and who I love so very much.

The monk that was arrested driving the truck with the tiger skins and body parts, ordered that I am not allowed into the temple last year, meaning that I would never ever be able to view my boy from afar ever again.

That was the action that sealed his and TT’s fate. No more chances to change their evil ways. Time was up for TT.

Soon the day is going to come where I will be walking towards my boys enclosure for the first time in nearly 9 years, knowing that he will be there, within my reach once again. I will build back my relationship with him, I will comfort and support him to adjust to his new environment and I will never let him out of my sight or reach ever again.

You will all come on this next part of the journey, so grab hold of your hearts because this will prove for once an all that tigers have memory, feelings, emotions and love.

My beautiful boy, I am only a few breaths away . “There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost, but you’ll never see the end of the road while youre traveling with me, hey now hey now, dont dream its over, hey now hey now” For those of you who do not know what that means, its the song I sang to Harn called “Dont dream its over, by Crowded House.

For those who have never seen this, here is my boy and some of what he endured ~ Sybelle

Cee4life announcement – All tigers to be removed from Tiger Temple

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Tiger TempleBangkok: After nearly 10 years of investigative work by Cee4life, and two scathing reports on the illegal wildlife trade and other crimes in the Tiger Tiger here, we can now confirm that ALL Tiger Temple Tigers wil be removed rapidly from Tiger Temple. The exercise to relocate the Tigers begins today.

Cee4life said that many staff of the Tiger Temple had no idea about the extent of what was coming, however based on a piece of information circulated on social media a couple of days ago, it is now certain that people within the Tiger Temple began to form a plan of action to prevent the remioval of tigers.

Recently, Cee4life had found out the details of what that plan was and have done all that is possible to prevent it from happening.

Cee4life message For the Tiger Temple – DO NOT HURT THE TIGERS.

In a statement, Sybelle Foxcroft, who haa been crusading to  protect the tigers kept in the mist inhuman conditions at the Tiger Temple, tiday said, the Tiger Temple was given so many years to comply and do the right thing, but they did not listen. No longer will the good people of this earth tolerate wildlife trafficking of tigers and/or abuse.
It never had to be this way, you could have simply got rid of the bad (wildlife traffickers and abusers) and worked towards a beautiful sanctuary.

We get no joy from what is about to happen, as we know it could have been so different. For the few human beings at the Tiger Temple who do actually care, our compassion goes out to you, we understand only too well how you feel.

Please everyone, say a prayer, meditate, but please send all your thoughts of protection and safety to the tigers of Tiger Temple. Especially keep in your thoughts the older tigers Sangtewan, Saireung, & Saifa who are the only remaining original tigers left at nearly 16 years old….. they need great care and handling…… Please keep all tigers in your hearts.

Cee4life has thanked the DNP for this action, Cee4life also thanks the organisations that have been extremely supportive to its plight for all these years, and also goes on to thank the public for their support.

No more will they be hidden behind the cloak of Buddha, Sybelle says.

More to come of course…..

Link to Statement by DNP – http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/993545/final-move-on-tiger-temple-set-for-monday