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Cee4life announcement – All tigers to be removed from Tiger Temple

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Tiger TempleBangkok: After nearly 10 years of investigative work by Cee4life, and two scathing reports on the illegal wildlife trade and other crimes in the Tiger Tiger here, we can now confirm that ALL Tiger Temple Tigers wil be removed rapidly from Tiger Temple. The exercise to relocate the Tigers begins today.

Cee4life said that many staff of the Tiger Temple had no idea about the extent of what was coming, however based on a piece of information circulated on social media a couple of days ago, it is now certain that people within the Tiger Temple began to form a plan of action to prevent the remioval of tigers.

Recently, Cee4life had found out the details of what that plan was and have done all that is possible to prevent it from happening.

Cee4life message For the Tiger Temple – DO NOT HURT THE TIGERS.

In a statement, Sybelle Foxcroft, who haa been crusading to  protect the tigers kept in the mist inhuman conditions at the Tiger Temple, tiday said, the Tiger Temple was given so many years to comply and do the right thing, but they did not listen. No longer will the good people of this earth tolerate wildlife trafficking of tigers and/or abuse.
It never had to be this way, you could have simply got rid of the bad (wildlife traffickers and abusers) and worked towards a beautiful sanctuary.

We get no joy from what is about to happen, as we know it could have been so different. For the few human beings at the Tiger Temple who do actually care, our compassion goes out to you, we understand only too well how you feel.

Please everyone, say a prayer, meditate, but please send all your thoughts of protection and safety to the tigers of Tiger Temple. Especially keep in your thoughts the older tigers Sangtewan, Saireung, & Saifa who are the only remaining original tigers left at nearly 16 years old….. they need great care and handling…… Please keep all tigers in your hearts.

Cee4life has thanked the DNP for this action, Cee4life also thanks the organisations that have been extremely supportive to its plight for all these years, and also goes on to thank the public for their support.

No more will they be hidden behind the cloak of Buddha, Sybelle says.

More to come of course…..

Link to Statement by DNP – http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/993545/final-move-on-tiger-temple-set-for-monday

Laos’ Sin City: EIA exposé on Illegal wildlife trade in Golden Triangle SEZ

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Debbie Banks
Debbie Banks

London: London based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has just released a documentary ‘Sin City: Illegal Wildlife Trade in Laos’ Special Economic Zone’ which lays bare how the Chinese company KingsRomans Group, running the Special Economic Zone to the North-West of the heart of the Golden Triangle in Laos is openly and blatantly doing illegal trade in all manners of wildlife and wildlife body parts, including the endangered Tiger. EIA and Education for Nature, Vietnam have conducted their investigation and produced a documentary on the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone. illegal wildlife trade

A KingsRomans Group promo
A KingsRomans Group promo

Debbi banks, who anchors the investigation tells that the Golden Triangle SEZ is 80 per cent owned by the Chinese major KingsRomans, while the Laos Government has 20 per cent stakes in it. The CIA-EN documentary is a huge expose on how tigers, sloth bears, and other species of wild animals are kept in rotten cages, bred and offered on glossy menus as exotic cuisine to the (Chinese) tourists. They serve bear paw soup and wine made from tiger body parts. Coinciding with the launch of the EIA report, the Standing Committee of CITES issued recommendations to all Parties to suspend commercial trade in specimens of CITES-listed species with Laos, Nigeria and DR Congo until further notice over failings to act against elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade (find details athttp://www.cites.org/eng/notif/2014.php). Mozambique will be stripped off its forests EIA-MozambiqueAnother report by EIA also screams that Mozambique will be stripped off its forests in a few years. The report points to unscrupulous businesspeople, who are offering high wages to the economically deprived marginal farmers and using them as labor force to cut down trees. The report shows how the profit motive and human greed is rapidly devastating the natural landscape and tree cover in this part of the world.