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Indian scientists develop new approach to combat TB

Dr Swati Subodh New Delhi: A group of Indian scientists have identified molecules which are effective in inhibiting the growth of tuberculosis-causing bacteria – Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The molecules target an important gene, IdeR, which is essential for the survival of the bacteria. This development could lead to new drugs against TB in future. “We have

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New add-on therapy found effective in clearing TB bacteria

Bhavya Khullar New Delhi: Indian scientists have found a new way to improve efficacy of existing TB treatment in patients reporting relapse of the disease after treatment. The new add-on therapy consists of injecting ‘heat-killed’ bacteria of a species called Mycobacterium indicuspranii (MIP) into patients along with standard TB drugs. The approach has been tested

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Combine TB vaccination with deworming, suggest scientists

By Bhavya Khullar, Twitter- BhavyaSc New Delhi: Combining deworming and tuberculosis (TB) could help provide better protection against TB, a new study has suggested. Scientists in Chennai studied people with latent TB patients– those who are infected with the disease-causing bacterium but cannot spread it to others because the infection is kept under control by

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