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Tata Motors should apologise; demand intensifies for withdrawal of controversial video

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Pandit Amit Khampariya, Founder of Shaheed Samman Samiti in Jabalpur on Tuesday 20 April 2021

Bhopal/Jabalpur: Sanatan Mission has written a letter to N Chandrasekaran Non-Executive Director and Chairman Board of Tata Sons drawing attention to the objectionable video released by Tata Motors and is now circulating on social networks.

In Jabalpur, Shaheed Samman Samiti, nationalist organisation also joined Sanatan Mission on Tuesday in asking Tata Motors to tender an apology and immediately call back the video from the public domain. Founder of Shaheed Samman Samiti Pandit Amit Khampariya issued the firm warning that Tata Motors has a deadline of one week to withdraw the controversial video or else face opposition across the world.

In the present video, all the characters are Muslims except the driver – named Lalit who gas been shown in a poor light. Obviously the video, which is in Arabic, has been made for the Arab world to mark the month of Ramzan.

Sanatan Mission has not ruled out the possibility that the Rata Motors video was made and released in the public domain by some company functionaries with mischievous intent.

Sanatan Mission has pointed out how last year, In the wake of widespread protest from the majority Hindus, Tanishq – a jewelry company owned by the Tata Group – was left with no option but to withdraw a controversial video from the public domain featuring a pregnant Hindu woman all decked up for baby shower in a Muslim household.

The intention and emphasis in both these videos/advertisements involving the Hindus is obvious, it has been stated while asking why Tata group companies are producing such videos? The Tanishq-Tata Motors coordinates are too jarring and cannot be missed or ignored.

It appears that it is the work of some rogue elements who have penetrated the institution and are working to wreck its reputation, Sanatan Mission has been emphasised while demanding that Tata Motors should tender an apology and withdraw from the public domain the controversial video. Steps should also be taken to stop such mischievous depiction of the members of the majority community.

People are angry – this is what they are saying on Social Media

Has Tata Motors gone mad? Does Mr. Ratan Tata approve of this ad?
Seems somebody is trying to defame Tata Motors. Ratan Tata might never be aware of such ad…

Ho sakta hain TATA MOTORS mein bhi hamare kucch bureaucrats k tarah udhar bhi aise nomuna baithe hain……jo apna agenda chala rahe hain…..đŸ€”đŸ€”

The ad manager of Tanishq is ‘peaceful‘ person having same mental trait as ‘peacefuls‘ who are spitting in your food..!!Those who r saying “so what it‘s only ad“ would have no problem with contaminated food saying “so what it‘s only holy spit“..!!!

Definitely and it is happening very often. First Tanishq ad, now this.
May the person behind both is same The afgani lady as maker.

That‘s two strikes for Tata!

Updated: 21April 2021; 1003 hrs

Sanatan Mission asks Tata Motors to apologise and withdraw from public domain its video showing driver as Hindu and in poor light

Why people are objecting to video produced by Tata Motors

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Sanatan Mission has echoed the sentiments and feelings of the Hindus and followers of Sanatan dharma and condemned in strong terms a video produced by Tata Motors depicting a driver as a Hindu and showing him in poor light.

Founder of Sanatan Mission Lalit Shastri, who is also popular as Guru Lalitendra, has demanded that Tata Motors should apologise and withdraw from public domain its video showing driver as Hindu and in poor light.

Video in Hindi (à€čà€żà€‚à€Šà„€ à€źà„‡à€‚ à€”à„€à€Ąà€żà€Żà„‹)

To register its objection, Sanatan Mission has produced a video showing few clippings from the objectionable video by Tata Motors, which has been produced in Arabic especially to mark the month of Ramzan. 

It could be said that the video in question is for audience in the middle-East and Saudi Arabia but still it has come under sharp criticism as it shows a Hindu driver in poor light. 

Even if the video is for the Arab world, the onus lies on the Tata Motors and the Tata Group and they shall have to explain why they have belittled a Hindu driver by showing him as incompetent.

Last year, In the wake of widespread protest from the majority Hindus, Tanishq, a jewellery group owned by the Tata Group, was left with no option but to withdraw a controversial video from the public domain featuring a pregnant Hindu woman all decked up for baby shower in a Muslim household.

Question arises, why Tata is repeatedly doing this. What’s their agenda.

From promoting inter-faith marriage between Hindus and Muslims through the Tanishq video last year to Tata Motors now putting a video in the public domain showing a Hindu driver as incompetent, the wheel has gone full circle.

The Tanishq-Tata Motors coordinates are too jarring and cannot be missed or ignored.

Tata Motors showcases futuristic public transportation solutions in India

All‐new range of transport vehicles displayed at Prawaas 2019

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Ultra Electric futuristic bus showcased at Prawaas 2019. A hydrogen-powered bus was developed in 2013 by Tata Motors and ISRO after several years of research. It’s commercial launch is yet to be announced

Mumbai: India’s leading bus brand, Tata Motors showcases seven new public transportation vehicles at Prawaas 2019.

A biennial event, Prawaas 2019 displayed new technologies, innovations, products & services in the passenger transportation domain in Navi Mumbai from 25th to 27th of July, 2019.

Tata Hexa SUV

This year, Tata Motors displayed – Magna 1623, Starbus 1212, Cityride 1515, Winger 9 seater, Compact Patient Transport Ambulance on Tata Magic, Tata Hexa SUV as well as the Ultra Electric Bus that are designed to meet exceptional comfort and safety level for drivers and passengers alike, while ensuring best‐in‐class drivability. Manufactured with top‐notch functional designs and new age innovations, these buses come with enhanced fuel economy and a longer service life. Apart from the Ultra Electric bus displayed at the event, the company has also developed a range of sustainable mobility solutions such as Hybrid, Fuel Cell, LNG and Articulated buses to meet the future transportation needs of the ‘Envisaged Smart Cities’.

Rohit Srivastava, Vice President and Product Line Head – Passenger Commercial Vehicle, Tata Motors said “Rapidly growing cities have led to an upsurge in the demand for efficient public transportation in all parts of the country, urban as well as rural. The Buses manufactured by Tata Motors have always adhered to this increasing demand while ensuring best in class products to suit the travel requirements of passengers and drivers alike. Our priority is to provide efficient, clean and affordable value propositions to our customers without compromising on safety and the comfort levels of the passengers. The vehicles displayed at Prawaas 2019 is a testimony of our in‐depth understanding of the Indian market.”

Sandeep Kumar, Head Sales & Marketing ‐ Passenger Commercial Vehicle, Tata Motors adds, “Being the market leader, over the years Tata Motors has pioneered technological innovations and safety features in the bus segment. Prawaas 2019 is an excellent platform to exhibit our broad range of products to our customers and various stakeholders. At this event, we want to showcase that sustainable transportation solutions will be one of the key fundamentals in our strategy going forward and Tata Motors will continue to progress in the mass transportation space while keeping the right balance between sustainable growth, customer satisfaction and profitability.”

Tata Motors, with its extensive range of mass transportation solutions, enjoys a market leadership position in buses in India (with market share in excess of 38% in India). In the financial year 2018‐19, the bus industry grew by 10% compared to the preceding year, due to the increasing need for qualitative public transport in cities as well growth in the tourism sector. To support the steady demand, Tata Motors will continue to indigenously develop vehicles with enhanced passenger comfort and technological advancements, revolutionizing mass transportation in India.

The company has a wide reach in the remotest parts of the country ensuring timely after sales service to all customers. The plan for the current financial year is to bolster sales and service network further by adding channel partners. Customers can benefit from a host of excellent aftermarket support through value added program.

The outlook is stable for Tata Motors Limited

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tata motorsMumbai, Jan. 30: The consolidated profile of Tata Motors Limited (TML) is expected to remain strong over the medium term despite its large capex plans (FY14 Capex: INR 269bn) says Fitch Ratings.

Fitch expects the capex to be funded largely from TML’s operational cash flows supported by the continuing sound operations of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and improvement in its Indian business. Furthermore, the company announced its rights issue plan, which if successful will further strengthen the financial profile.

Robust Performance of JLR: Fitch expects JLR’s sales and profitability to continue to be robust over the medium term, supported by a strong product pipeline and healthy global demand for premium vehicles. This is in spite of a likely increase in costs associated with the company’s large capex and increasing competition. JLR’s EBITDA margin strengthened to 19.9% during 1HFY15 (1HFY14: 16.7%) supported by growth in volumes (13.8%) and a richer product and geographic mix.

Indian Operations to Improve: Fitch expects TML’s new product launches, both in passenger car and commercial vehicles, to drive volume growth in its Indian operations. In addition, lower fuel prices, improving consumer sentiment and a likely reduction in borrowing costs are likely to support improvement in demand growth in passenger cars from FY16. We also expect medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCV) volumes to grow in FY16 – supported mainly by replacement demand.

TML’s operations turned around in 3QFY15 as a result of positive volume growth in its passenger car and M&HCV segments. The company’s volumes fell until 1HFY15, resulting in negative EBITDA in FY14 and 1HFY15.

Linkages with Tata Group: The FC IDR of TML continues to benefit from a one notch uplift on account of the potential support from the Tata group. Fitch has also reviewed the ability of the Tata group to provide support to TML and in the context of potential group support, TML continues to benefit from the strategic importance of TML to the group. Any weakening of linkages between the group and TML, and/or the group’s inability to provide support is likely to affect the ratings negatively.