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ISIS has not retaken a single square kilometer freed in coalition-enabled operations

Newsroom24x7 Network Washington: The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS had a series of meetings hosted by Brett McGurk, the US President’s special envoy to the Coalition, in Washington this week. Briefing media-persons here on Thursday, on the latest in the campaign to defeat ISIS, Brett McGurk said the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, which welcomed

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Somalia bans Christmas and New Year celebrations

Newsroom24x7 Desk Mogadishu: The ruling government of Somalia issued a ban on global festivity of Christmas as well as discouraged New Year celebrations in the Muslim country on the pretext of religion based celebrations. The government issued a statement indicating that such celebrations were not related to the majority community of Somalia which followed Islam

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Four UNICEF staff members killed in terrorist attack in Somalia

Newsroom24x7 Desk Nairobi, Kenya: Four UNICEF staff members have reportedly been killed in an attack on a vehicle in which they were riding in Garowe, Somalia. Four other UNICEF colleagues are reportedly in a serious condition and the casualty figure is likely to rise. The IED (improvised explosive device) attack occurred when the staff were

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