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Supreme Court bans use of religion, caste and creed for seeking votes

 Newsroom24x7 Staff New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India today took a landmark decision banning political parties from seeking votes on the basis of religion. The Supreme Court has said that seeking votes in the name of religion is against the Constitution. The judgement by a 7-judge bench says that an appeal to voters on

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Bangladesh condemns use of religion to justify terrorist acts

Newsroom24x7 Staff Dhaka: “From the barbaric attack on Gulshan restaurant in Dhaka and other murder incidents in recent times, it is clear that some local and international quarters are out to destabilize the country and foil its advancement through such incidents. They are radicalizing the tender-hearted youths and juveniles to wrong directions by misguiding them in

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34 Nations come together in Saudi-led Islamic counter-terrorism coalition

Newsroom24x7 Desk Riyadh : Terrorism found a new unity group to counteract its effects as nearly three dozen nations united into a counter-terrorism alliance and pledged to fight against Islamic disgrace which plagues followers of the religion with pure intent and surrender. With a rise in IS nuisance and bad-propaganda of Islam as a religion and

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