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NIA Files Chargesheet against Masood Azhar and 18 others in Pulwama Terror Attack Case

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New Delhi/Jammu: National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Tuesday 25 August 2020, filed a 13,800 page chargesheet against 19 accused persons in the NIA Special Court at Jammu in connection with the terrorist attack on the CRPF convoy that was moving from Jammu towards Srinagar on 14 February 2019 at Lethpura, Pulwama, with an IED-laden vehicle by Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Adil Ahmad Dar, resulting in martyrdom of 40 (Forty) CRPF personnel and grievous injuries to 08 (eight) others.

The chargesheet has been filed under Sections 120-B, 121, 121-A, 122, 123, 307, 302 of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC), sections 7, 25, 27 of Arms Act, sections 3, 4, 5 & 6 of the Explosive Substances Act, sections 16, 17, 18, 18A, 18B, 19, 20, 21, 38 & 39 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, section 14C of Foreigners Act and section 4 of Jammu and Kashmir Public Property (Prevention of Damages) Act, 1985 against the following accused persons :-

i) Masood Azhar, 52 years, Pakistani national (Absconding)

ii) Rouf Asgar, 47 years, Pakistani national (Absconding)

iii) Ammar Alvi, 46 years, Pakistani national (Absconding)

iv) Shakir Bashir, 24 Years, r/o Kakapora, Pulwama, J&K. (Arrested)

v) Insha Jan, 22 Years r/o Kakapora, Pulwama, J&K (Arrested)

vi) Peer Tariq Ahmed Shah, 53 Years, r/o Kakapora, Pulwama, J&K (Arrested)

vii) Waiz-ul-Islam, 20 Years, r/o Srinagar, J&K (Arrested)

viii) Mohd Abbas Rather, 31 Years, r/o Kakapura, Pulwama, J&K. (Arrested)

ix) Bilal Ahmed Kuchhey, 28 years, r/o Hajibal, Lalhar, Pulwama, J&K (Arrested)

x) Mohd Iqbal Rather, 25 years, r/o, Charar-e-Shareef, Budgam, J&K. (Arrested)

xi) Mohd Ismail, 25 years, r/o Pakistani national (Absconding)

xii) Sameer Ahmad Dar, 22 years, r/o Kakapora, Pulwama, Kashmir (Absconding)

xiii) Ashaq Ahmed Nengroo, 33 years, r/o Rajpura, Pulwama. (Absconding)

xiv) Adil Ahmed Dar, 21 years, r/o Kakapora, Pulwama, Kashmir (Killed).

xv) Muhammad Umar Farooq, 24 years, r/o Pakistani national (Killed)

xvi) Mohd Kamran Ali, 25 years, r/o Pakistani national (Killed)

xvii) Sajjad Ahmed Bhat, 19 years, r/o Bijbehera, Anantnag (Killed)

xviii) Mudasir Ahmad Khan, 24 years, r/o Awantipura, Pulwama (Killed)

xix) Qari Yasir, r/o Pakistani national (Killed)

The investigation has revealed that Pulwama attack was a result of well-planned criminal conspiracy hatched by Pakistan-based leadership of terrorist orgnisation Jaish-e-Mohammad. The JeM leaders have been sending their cadres to the terrorist training camps of Al-Qaida-Taliban-JeM and Haqqani-JeM in Afghanistan for receiving training in explosives and other terrorist tactics.

The main accused viz. Mohammad Umar Farooq also visited Afghanistan for explosives training in 2016-17. He infiltrated into India through International Border at Jammu-Samba Sector in April, 2018 and took over as Jaish-e-Mohammad Commander of Pulwama. Mohammad Umar along with his Pakistani compatriots viz. Mohd. Kamran, Mohd. Ismail @ Saifullah and Qari Yasir and local associates viz. Sameer Dar and Adil Ahmad Dar planned and prepared for the attack on security forces using IEDs.

Accused Shakir Bashir, Insha Jan, Peer Tariq Ahmad Shah and Bilal Ahmad Kuchey provided all logistics and harboured the JeM terrorists in their houses. From December, 2018 onwards, Shakir Bashir started doing reconnaissance of the movement and deployment of security forces on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. Mudasir Ahmad Khan arranged Gelatin sticks and handed them over to Shakir Bashir.

RDX was brought by the Pakistani terrorists who infiltrated into India. Shakir Bashir collected the explosive material i.e. RDX, Gelatin sticks, Aluminium power and Calcium-Ammonium Nitrate and stocked them at his house for making the IED.

In January 2019, Sajjad Ahmad Bhat purchased a Maruti EECO car for the purpose of carrying out the IED attack. The car was kept in the front-yard of Shakir Bashir’s house. Waiz-Ul-Islam ordered 04 kgs of Aluminium powder from his Amazon account on the directions of accused Mohd. Ismail @ Saifullah and gave the same to him.

Towards the end of January 2019, Mohammad Umar Farooq, Sameer Dar and Adil Dar made the propaganda video clip of the suicide attack at Insha Jan’s house which was released immediately after the attack.

In the first week of February 2019, Mohd. Umar Farooq, Sameer Ahmad Dar, Adil Ahmad Dar and Shakir Bashir made the IED using RDX, Calcium-Ammonium Nitrate, Gelatin Sticks and Aluminium Powder and assembled it in two containers, one weighing around 160 Kgs and the second one weighing around 40 Kgs. The two IED containers were fitted in Maruti EECO car and were ready by the morning of 6 February 2019. However, because of heavy snowfall, the National Highway got closed for the vehicular movement.

On 14 February 2019, as the National Highway opened, Shakir Bashir drove Adil Ahmad Dar till National Highway, after which Adil Ahmad Dar took charge of the vehicle and drove on to the National Highway and carried out the suicide attack by ramming the Maruti EECO car laden with 200 Kgs of highgrade explosives into a bus of the CRPF convoy, resulting in 40 CRPF personnel getting martyred and damage to the tune of Rs.32,90,719/- to the public property.

The investigation has revealed that the Pakistan-based JeM leadership consisting of Masood Azhar, Rouf Asgar and Ammar Alvi @ Chacha @ Chota Masood were continuously giving directions and guidance to the Pakistani JeM terrorists (who had infiltrated into India) both before and after the attack.

They had also planned to carry out another suicide attack which got averted due to Balakot strikes and due to killing of main conspirator Mohd. Umar Farooq by the security forces. Further, due to international pressure, Pakistan lied low.

Investigation also revealed a well-crafted mechanism by Pakistani establishment to push terrorists into the Indian territory from the launch pads located in Shakargarh (Pakistan) opposite Samba-Kathua Sector in Jammu.

The NIA charge-sheet against 19 accused persons marks the culmination of year-and-half long painstaking and meticulous investigation with valuable inputs received from other Central and State government agencies as well as foreign law-enforcement agencies. Lot of digital, forensic, documentary and oral evidence establishing a fool-proof case against the accused for this dastardly and barbaric attack has been collected. The charge-sheet has brought on record the all-out involvement of Pakistan-based entities to carry out terrorist strikes in India and to incite and provoke Kashmiri youth. NBW’s have been got issued against the absconding accused and further investigation in the case is continued.

Post-Pulwama airstrikes: After losing much ground Pakistan Air Force top brass is using Youtube to play game of one-upmanship with India

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There are Congress party members and sympathisers in India who are forwarding a despicable link of a video published on Youtube by ARY News, a Pakistani news channel with the heading: ” Exclusive: How Indian jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force on 27th Feb 2019″.

One expected gun camera and radar footage. Instead, the Pakistan Air Force have shown 4 missiles carried by Mig-21 to prove that no missile was fired. This argument by Air Marshal Muhammad Haseeb Paracha of PAF should go in the wastepaper basket.

The Youtube link in question takes you to a live recording of a “Pakistan Air Force Special Show” on 14 September 2019. It is tagged with the heading: “Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha expressing how Indian jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force in the morning of 27th February 2019 with Indian Air Force.”

The video shows the Pakistan Air Force top brass and others, including members of the diplomatic corps participating in this programme mainly intended to convey the message that the Pak Air Force is superior to the Indian Air Force.

The PAF Deputy Chief of Air Staff, Operations (DCAS-O) Air Marshal Muhammad Haseeb Paracha, in his speech questions the professionalism of Indian Air Force

Paracha drew attention to 4 missiles shown on a big screen and said these missiles attached to the MIG-21 aircraft that was being flown by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman VrC were never fired. Therefore there was no question of Abhinandan shooting down a PAF F-16 aircraft.

Paracha also talked of the revenge they took on 27 February 2019, for the Balakot air strike (which according to him was intended for electoral gain) by targeting military installations on the Indian side – of course by ensuring there was least collateral damage. He used a google map to zoom in on Indian targets in the Poonch, Rajouri and Naushera Sectors. Pinpointing on Narian support depot in the Naushera Sector, he said that it was targeted by the PAF pilots. This statement was a repeat of what Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had said while addressing a joint session of the Pakistani National Assembly on 28 February 2019.

There is no big shake about what has been claimed by Paracha as India has already told the world how they had dropped bombs near Indian military installations on 27 February 2019.

Due to high state of readiness and alertness of Indian Air Force. The Pakistan Air Force was detected and the Indian Air Force responded instantly. In that aerial engagement, one Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft, an F-16, was shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman flying a MiG-21 Bison. The Pakistani aircraft was seen by ground forces falling from the sky on the Pakistan side. In this engagement, Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistani’s and his MiG-21 was lost.

Paracha talks of professionalism and thinks he can play games and win in a game of one-upmanship started by the PAF and joined by him from the front.

One expected gun camera and radar footage. Instead, the PAF have shown 4 missiles carried by Mig-21 to prove that no missile was fired. This argument by Air Marshal Muhammad Haseeb Paracha of PAF should land no where else but in the wastepaper basket.

A video on Youtube published by Neo TV network ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqOUooWZgFc ) has been edited and there is a cut at 3.26 minutes and again at 9.47 minutes as the whole sequence gets repeated. In this video, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran khan, in his address, says the pilots are with us…when only Abhinandan was with Pakistan at that time, why was he referring to pilots as plural. Also, when he went live that day, he had said that one pilot was in their custody and the other was in hospital. The pilot in hospital, was obviously a PAF pilot whose F-16 had been shot down by Abhinandan.

Close watch: As journalism goes for a nosedive, India calls the US officials’ bluff on count of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets

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A Correspondent of The Hindu, who did a piece with the heading “U.S. count of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets found none missing, claims American magazine” on April 5 relied upon a report published by “Foreign Policy” to give wider coverage to the “Foreign Policy” story and join in casting serious doubt on the Indian government’s claim that an F-16 was downed.

The Hindu journalist and his newspaper, both obviously were in a hurry to take lead in pushing this story in the public domain and in order to show that journalistic ethics was not being compromised, the Pakistan military spokesman was quoted but with regard to the official Indian reaction, The Hindu story ended with the statement: “The Hindu has reached out to the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC, for a comment.” This was obviously to tell the readers that all efforts were made to ensure the story was not one-sided.

Shortly after publishing the “Foreign Policy” based story which was only backing the Pakistani agenda , The Hindu had egg on its face as the Pentagon denied any audit (of Pak F-16). Question arises, why The Hindu did not publish a story on the Pentagon denial.

The Hindu piece takes off from the “Foreign Policy” story. It says: two U.S. officials have said they counted the F-16 aircraft in Pakistan and found none missing, throwing doubts on the Indian government’s claim that it had shot down an F-16 during an aerial engagement with Pakistan on February 27.

Just like some other journalists of his ilk, The Hindu Correspondent in question didn’t get a tour of Balakot but apparently needs proof from the IAF. Stories on similar lines, as published by The Hindu, were published by a section of the media

The Hindu story in question was followed up by the same newspaper with a rejoinder from the IAF.

The Rejoinder

“All attempts of PAF to attack any targets were thwarted by the IAF. During the aerial engagement that followed, one Mig-21 of the IAF shot down one F-16 in Nowshera sector,” the IAF has said adding during the aerial engagement on February 27, a Mig-21 Bison shot down a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jet and electronic signatures confirm it as an F-16.” Indian Air Force (IAF).

Indian Defence authorities have based their conclusion about the downing of an F-16 based on evidence, such as images from AWACS, debris recovered from crash-site and wireless intercepts of Pak army communication to indicate that their aircraft had not returned to base.

Post Balakot airstrike targeting terror camps in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack, Pakistan had been left gasping when a Pak Air Force F-16 was brought down by an IAF MiG-21 fighter jet on 27 February 2019. The US report is now being used to the hilt by Pakistan as a face-saver.

“Truth always prevails. Time for India to speak truth about false claims and actual losses on their side including the second aircraft shot down by Pakistan,” Pakistan military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor has said – as quoted by The Hindu.

Both Pakistan and the US (officials) should know that it doesn’t take a month to count the f-16.

The report published by “Foreign Policy” is only a reflection that the US is not going to accept that an antiquated MIG-21 had shot down a frontline US fighter. When it comes to Pakistan, it is too well known that Pakistan never admits the truth. Everyone knows what happened when they lost Bangladesh, when they lost Kargil, or the surgical strikes.

Setting the record straight

On 27 March 2019, Pakistani military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor had claimed that two Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots had been arrested. One pilot was injured and was shifted to a hospital, while another one was unhurt, he had told media-persons in Islamabad. He also told journalists that one of the IAF aircraft crashed in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir while the other fell in Jammu and Kashmir.

A day later, on 28 February 2019, The Indian defence authorities issued a statement to convey to the entire world that in the aerial combat that ensued one F-16 of PAF was shot down by an IAF MiG-21 Bison. The F-16 crashed and fell across the LOC in Pak occupied Jammu and kashmir (POJ&K).

It was also placed on record that the IAF lost one MiG-21 in the aerial engagement and though the Pilot ejected safely his parachute drifted into POJ&K where he was taken into custody by Pakistan Army.

It was also underscored in this statement that there were many factually incorrect statements that made by Pakistan in this regard.

India made it categorically clear that the first blatant disinformation was that two IAF aircraft were shot down by Pakistan and three pilots were downed. This figure was later revised downwards to two IAF aircraft and two Pilots. The fact however, was that Indian Army units had reported sighting two parachutes falling in the POJ&K which were of two F-16 pilots shot down by the IAF MiG-21 Bison. Pakistan later in the evening changed its statement to say that one Indian pilot (Abhinandan Varthaman) was in their custody. Therefore, it was only by late evening that Pakistan accepted the fact. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who had shot down the F-16, was released and returned to India on March 1.

Pakistan claimed that they intentionally dropped weapons in open space where there was no human presence or military posts. The fact is that the PAF aircraft targeted military installations. However they were intercepted by IAF fighter aircraft that thwarted their plans. Although PAF bombs fell in Indian Army Formation compounds, they were unable to cause any significant damage to the Military Installations due to swift IAF response.

Pakistan also stated that no F-16s were used in the operation and no Pakistani Plane was downed by Indian Air Force. In response to this India had made it clear that there was enough evidence to show that F-16s were used in this mission and Pakistan was trying to hide this fact. Also, parts of AMRAAM Air to Air Missile that is carried only on the F-16s in PAF were recovered East of Rajauri within the Indian territory. Therefore, the fact that was especially highlighted by India was that one F-16 of PAF was shot down by an IAF MiG-21 Bison aircraft.

The chain of events – a day after the Balakot airstrike

In the morning of 27 February 2019, the India Air Defence system was on full alert. Build up of PAF aircraft on their side of LoC was noticed in time and additional aircraft were scrambled to tackle the adversary. In their attempt to attack Indian ground targets, PAF aircraft were engaged effectively. From IAF side, Mirage-2000, Su-30 and MiG-21 Bison aircraft were involved in the engagement. PAF aircraft were forced to withdraw in a hurry, which is also evident from large missed distances of the weapons dropped by them. During combat, use of F-16 by PAF and multiple launches of AMRAAM were conclusively observed. Prompt and correct tactical action by Su-30 aircraft, in response to AMRAAM launch, defeated the missile. Parts of the missile fell in area East of Rajouri in J&K, injuring a civilian on ground. Detailed report in this regard has already been released by IAF. All the Su-30 aircraft engaged in combat landed back safely. India took a dig at Pakistan then stating that “False claim by Pakistan of shooting down a Su-30, appears to be a cover up for loss of its own aircraft.”

PM Modi dedicates National War Memorial to the nation

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the dedication ceremony of the National War Memorial, in New Delhi on February 25, 2019.

New Delhi: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi today paid homage to all the martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice, defending India before lighting the eternal flame, to mark the dedication of the National War Memorial to the nation in the Union capital.

Addressing a large rally of Ex-Servicemen to mark the occasion, the Prime Minister said that it is the result of the valour and dedication of lakhs of soldiers that the Indian Army is today considered among the strongest in the world.

The Prime Minister said that the soldiers have been the first line of defence, both against enemies, and against natural disasters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the dedication ceremony of the National War Memorial, in New Delhi on February 25, 2019. Union Minister for Defence, Nirmala Sitharaman, the Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa and the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Sunil Lanba are also seen.

The Prime Minister recalled the CRPF jawans who sacrificed their lives in the recent terror attack in Pulwama, and paid homage to all the martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice, defending India. He said that today New India is growing in stature globally, and this is due in large measure to its Armed Forces. He expressed happiness that the National War Memorial, or Rashtriya Samar Smaarak, is being dedicated today.

The Prime Minister recalled that the Union Government had also fulfilled its pledge of providing One Rank, One Pension to the soldiers and ex-servicemen. He said OROP has resulted in an increase in pension of upto 40 percent, and an increase in salaries of soldiers of upto 55 percent, compared to 2014.

The Prime Minister mentioned that there has been a demand for a super-speciality hospital, and announced that three such super-speciality hospitals would be set up.

Giving more illustrations of the Government’s approach towards the Armed Forces, the Prime Minister mentioned the encouragement being given to innovations by soldiers during Army Day, Navy Day and Air Force Day events. He also mentioned the Gallantry Awards Portal launched on 15 August, 2017. He said women have now got the opportunity to become fighter pilots. He said that women officers in short service commission are being given opportunities for permanent commission at par with their male counterparts.

The Prime Minister said that change has been initiated in the entire ecosystem of defence procurement. He said transparency and level playing field are the hallmarks of the Government’s approach. He stressed on the encouragement being given to “Make in India.”

The Prime Minister said that the Indian Army has participated in about 50 out of 70 major UN peacekeeping missions, and about 2 lakh soldiers have been a part of these operations. He said the navies of 50 countries were part of the International Fleet Review organized by the Indian Navy in 2016. He also said that our Armed Forces conduct an average of ten big joint exercises with Armed Forces of friendly countries, every year.

He said that the huge reduction in piracy in the Indian Ocean, is due, to a large extent, to the military might of India, and our international partnerships. The Prime Minister referred to the long-pending demand from the Indian Army for 1.86 lakh bullet-proof jackets, and said the Union Government has procured over 2.30 lakh bullet-proof jackets over the last four and a half years. He said the Union Government is equipping the Indian Army with modern aircraft, helicopters, submarines, ships and weaponry. He said decisions pending for a long time, are being taken in national interest.

The Prime Minister said that besides the National War Memorial, the National Police Memorial has also been established. The Union Government has recognized great national leaders including Sardar Patel, Babasahed Ambedkar, and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, he added. He said the Union Government would continue to take decisions, keeping national interest supreme.