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Is it time for Bhopal to deliver on water front?

Manoj Misra Any city, big or small is in many ways an organic entity. It consumes (energy, water and food) and it discards (air, solid and liquid wastes). A ‘smart’ (popular euphemism) city would endeavour to consume smartly (no more than needed) and discard smartly (no pollution of atmosphere, land and surface or ground water).

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Dal Lake in Srinagar has bacteria that can degrade pesticides

Rayies Altaf Srinagar: The Dal Lake and other wetlands of Kashmir are famous for their natural beauty and play a key environmental role. Now scientists have found that this eco-system also has certain bacteria that have a natural capacity to degrade pesticide residues, may be useful for bioremediation of degrading water bodies. Researchers have reported

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There is urgent need to save the oceans: John Kerry

Public Event on Oceans in Beijing, China Beijing: US Secretary of State John Kerry Monday (June 6) said that there is urgent need to save the oceans. Delivering his remarks at the Public Event on Oceans here, Kerry went on to emphasise that the leaders of two of the largest economies in the world, the U.S.

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