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Paris Climate Change may face disagreeing hurdles from developing nations

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developing nationsNew Delhi: Climate change has gained top slot in Indian government’s agenda and has been featuring at all major conclaves and top-leaders meet, but the stage does not seem cordially set in this direction, vis-a-vis co-operation and agreement on the text from India, as well as other partner nations, especially the developing nations. The difficulties on the road to an agreement in Paris for combating climate change have started surfacing with India and other developing countries expressing displeasure over the text of the climate pact released this week.

In the climate action plan – Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), India had made it clear that Paris agreement has to be equitable and fair based on the principles of common but differentiated responsibility. Around 147 countries out of the 196, which constitute a part of the UNFCCC, have so far submitted their climate action plans. One of the points on which Indian is opposed to the text is the review of INDCs every five years, at the end of which the countries would have to make a request communication to the UN.

Besides, countries like India also have reservations on the reference to a year when global emissions will peak, the year reference is pertaining to the time period that is when the world attains carbon neutrality. Officials observed that another area of concern was reference to the growth year, which relates to the time period when developing countries would be indirectly agreeing to restrictions on their growth – a duration of time which for years would come through energy derived from the fossil fuel sources.

India is also disappointed over the fact that the draft text does not talks of REDD (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) which India considers as a key element to be accounted for, in its climate mitigation action. Moreover, the draft text appeared unclear on the contribution of 100 billion dollars which would be required as a contribution coming from developed countries each year till 2020, a fund which would facilitate the developing countries in combating and adapting climate change. Also, prudence was lacking on the text which transpired ambiguity on issues relating to climate finances.