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You cannot defend Indian flag by destroying relationships between Indians: Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul GandhiNew Delhi: Leader of the main Opposition Congress Rahul Gandhi today said in Lok Sabha that you cannot defend the Indian flag by destroying the relationships between Indians.

Addressing the Lok Sabha today. Gandhi cited the examples of the splitting of czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia and partition of Pakistan leading to the creation of Bangladesh. Drawing an analogy, he cautioned against moves to disrupt the relationships that the Flag of India represents.

When I salute the flag I am not saluting the cloth. I am saluting the relationships that the flag represents, Gandhi said adding “A nation is the relationship between its people. It is nothing but the conversation between its citizens. When I protect the flag, I protect the conversations on which those relationships are built. I protect every single voice. But I pay special attention to the weakest- those that are most difficult to hear.”

On his recent visit to join the students protesting against the arresting of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar and others and charging them with sedition for some alleged slogans raised at a students’ rally on the JNU campus, Rahul said: “When I went to JNU, your ABVP workers waved black flags in my face, they taunted and abused me. I felt no anger, I felt proud that I lived in an India where it was possible for me to be confronted by people who held a different opinion than me. I protected our Indian flag when I let your people wave those black flags in my face.”

He asked “Whose opinion does the PM respect except his own? You have been taught by your teachers in the RSS that there is only one truth – Yours. The Prime Minister cannot run the country on only his opinion. The country is not the Prime minister. The Prime Minister is not the country, said Gandhi.

Rahul went on to inform the House that the Prime Minister had told the Congress President that he had solved the Nagaland problem and signed a historic accord. Following this the Congress President had asked us to check what had happened because none of our CMs had mentioned anything about the Naga accord. Gandhi went on to reveal that when contacted the Chief Ministers of North-East were stunned and they had not heard a word about any accord. What had the government signed?.

As per the media reports, Gandhi said, even the officials in the Home Ministry and even in the Intelligence Bureau were not privy to the discussions.

Gandhi further said Pakistan directly attacked us in Mumbai on 26/11. “They trained and sent killers into the heart of Mumbai. Almost 200 people were butchered.The operation to stop the terrorists was on, our soldiers and citizens were dying. The Government of India begged the then CM of Gujarat again and again not to go to Mumbai because he would disturb the operation. Did he care? No.He went right ahead to Mumbai- to the Oberoi hotel itself and disturbed the entire operation. He grabbed his headlines while our people die,” said Gandhi.

After Mumbai, Gandhi said, the UPA Government had worked tirelessly to trap Pakistan. We isolated them internationally. We spent thousands of hours of diplomacy to put Pak in a diplomatic cage. We convinced the world that they were the global supporter of terror.

Directly targeting the PM, he said: What does the PM do? He decides to have a cup of tea with Nawaz Sharif. Without any thought, without any vision he decides to take a detour to Pak. He did not bother to ask anyone. Not the armed forces, not the intelligence people not even the diplomats. The PM destroyed 6-years of our work. In one move he let Pakistan out of the cage we had forced them into. He gifted them a status equal to ours.

Carrying forward the attack, Gandhi said: “When the PM stopped over at Pak without talking to the professionals in our government, he disrespected our flag. He disrespected those who died in Mumbai and Pathankot. He disrespected the talent of our bureaucrats and the tremendous talent of the Indian people.The PM still has the option to listen to what the country is trying to tell him. Listen to those around – to Rajnathji, Advaniji, Sushma ji. Listen to us across the aisle-we are not your enemies. Listen to the voice of our people- to the farmers and workers who have so much wisdom. Especially listen to the voice of the next generation. They are the future of this country. Allow them the dignity of their voice.”

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s address in Parliament

  • We broke the back of insurgency in Kashmir.
  • We convinced world that Pakistan is a global supporter of terrorism.
  • Did the home minister know about Naga accord? Where has the accord gone now?
  • The PM is not the country, the country is not the PM.
  • You have been taught by teachers at RSS that there is only one truth.
  • When media, teachers, students were attacked, why did you (govt) not speak?
  • 60% students in JNU come from backward communities. The monthly income of their parents is less than Rs. 6000 per month.
  • Govt is targetting JNU students because they come from poor sections of society.
  • Modi is a very powerful person, but you people should say something, the ruling party MPs were told.
  • How much employment did Modi generate?
  • The government came up with a ‘Babbar Sher’ (lion) of Make In India.
  • They launched a “Fair & Lovely” yojana (scheme), to convert black money to white money.
  • Modi had promised that he will put people with black money behind bars, now they have come up with way to save those people.
  • They launched a “Fair & Lovely” yojana, to convert black money to white money.
  • Before elections PM Modi said Dal (pulses) is 70 Rs/Kg and he promised to bring down prices, but now Dal is 200 Rs/Kg.

Delhi police nabs one in connection with ATM thefts

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delhi police4New Delhi: In the recent past, there has been a sudden rise in cases of ATM crime in the capital and there have been a series of complaints of fraudulent withdrawls

With the arrest of one Pintu Kumar (22) of Mannanpur village in Jahanabad district of Bihar, the staff of Badarpur Police station in South-East District has busted a gang of cheats involved in looting innocent ATM users by blocking some keys of the ATM machine.

Madan Kumar, a resident of Hari Nagar-Jaitpur here had lodged a complaint at Badarpur Police station stating that on 6 May he had gone to HDFC ATM at Main Jaitpur Road, Molarband Village, Badarpur to withdraw money from his account. After reaching there, he found that a suspicious person, aged about 27 years, was already present inside the ATM booth. When he inserted his card in the ATM machine and fed his password, the system just hanged. At this point of time, the suspicious person present there told him that the ATM machine was not functioning. Afte that he left the ATM booth. Later,he found that Rs. 25,000 have been withdrawn from his account in three installments (10,000+10,000+5,000) at the alleged time and date. He suspected that the person who was already present inside the ATM booth was the culprit who had tempered with the machine. Subsequently, a case under FIR No. 348/15 under section 420 IPC was registered at by the Badarpur Police station and investigation was taken up.

During investigation, the police team verified the records of all the criminals who were using the same modus operandi to cheat the ATM users. The Police team zeroed in on one Pintu Kumar who had earlier been arrested for committing such a crime. On 30 May, after ASI Manoj Kumar received a secret information that Pintu Kumar would come in the area of Badarpur for committing the crime, a trap was laid on Main Jaitpur Road at Badarpur. At about 12:40 pm, Pintu Kumar came there on a motorcycle with a broken number plate. He stopped his motorcycle in front of the HDFC ATM Booth, Near “Sullabh Shochlya” Molarband Village. The police team kept watching his activities. When the accused saw that he had been surrounded, he tried to run away but was apprehended by the Police.

During interrogation, Pintu, the arrested accused admitted his involvement in several cases ofcheating committed at ATM centers by blocking some buttons of the machine. He revealed to the Police that he had picked up the method from the internet by visiting the site of “ATM hacker video.com”. To cheat the ATM users, he along with an accomplice, used to block the *, # and cancel buttons of the ATM machine with the help of a few pieces of blade and feviquick. After that, one of them used to stay inside the ATM booth and wait for their target. In this situation, when any unsuspecting person tried to use the ATM machine, he would closely observe and remember the ATM user’s password who would obviously leave as the machine would refuse to work. After that it was child’s play for the cheat to release the buttons and complete the operation to withdraw money by using the ATM user’s Password.

They were targeting mostly the ATMs in rural areas where very few know how to operate the machine. At times, they were also asking the innocent ATM users their Password and on the pretext of helping them they were swapping the ATM cards and were able to withdraw money using their cards and passwords. On the basis of inputs gathered during interrogation, 5 cases of cheating at Bank ATM’s, reported in different police station areas of South-East district have been solved.

A team under the supervision of Nidhin Valsan ACP, Sarita Vihar, South-East District, Delhi and led by Inspector Aishvir Singh, SHO/Badarpur and comprising of ASI Manoj Kumar, head constable Vikas Solanki, Constables Amrish, Amit and Yogesh cracked this case.