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Belgium police arrests two suspects plotting New Year attacks

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Belgium policeBrussels : Belgium, which has been fighting terrorist attacks over a period of time, saved itself of a possible New Year attack in the coming days as Belgian police succeeded in catching suspects working on a plot of conducting terror attacks within the region. Belgian police have arrested two people suspected of planning attacks in Brussels on New Year’s Eve. Police conducted raids since Sunday, through Monday and made the arrests. Raids took place on Sunday and Monday in Brussels and the provinces of Flemish Brabant and Liege.

Police has seized military clothing and computer equipment in the raids. The two suspects have been taken into custody and are being interrogated. Belgium has been on high alert since the attacks of 13 November in Paris. The reason for the alert connects to the fact that several of the perpetrators of the Paris attack are thought to have been based in Belgium. However, the latest arrests are not linked to the Paris attacks, as informed by officials.

Out of the two arrested, one is suspected of leading and recruiting for a terrorist cell. Both the suspects are accused of planning attacks against several ‘symbolic targets’ in Brussels. they have also been accused of conducting attacks on force, and causing injuries to Police personnel in the past.

Belgium has stood witness to times such as — attack on a Jewish Museum, Brussels in May 2014, when, Mehdi Nemmouche, a Frenchman from just over the border in Roubaix, was caught who was found accused of murdering four people. Also, the Paris attacks in January 2015, for which, Gunman Ahmed Coulibaly had been found to have been in Brussels shopping for rocket-launchers and guns used to kill 17 people. In the same month, two men killed in police raid in eastern Belgian town were found plotting attacks on Belgian police. And, the Thalys ‘abort’ train attack in the month of August 2015, wherein suspect Ayoub El Khazzani was traced to have stayed at sister’s house in Molenbeek before attack on high-speed train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris via Brussels. And, finally, the Paris attacks this November, in which, the mastermind of the attack was supposedly thought to be Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, and many of his accomplices too were suspected of having links to Belgium.

Dubai all set to ring in 2016

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Burj KhalifaDubai: As we march towards the beginning of the new year, Dubai is once again getting all decked up to welcome people from across the globe who must be looking forward to seeing the magnificent Burj khalifa — the tallest artificial structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m.

More than a million visitors from all over the world will be here to join the new year celebrations and witness the grandeur of Burj Khalifa and the exotic fireworks that would light the Dubai sky when the clock will strike 12 at midnight to ring out
the old and ring in the new.

Glittering fireworks also have been lined up at Burj Al Arab – the prestigious seven star and the most expensive hotel in the world, besides Atlantis, The Palm and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. These are the high-end and well know luxurious hotel of Dubai.

Every New year begins with so many resolutions. People resolve to follow a strict exercise regime, chisel their inner beauty, brighten up their personality – and the rule of the game is how smartly you gel with the latest. To keep up the spirit and meet people’s expectations the fashion couture designers and big brands have worked overtime to roll out their hottest and the most appealing apparels for those who are always so discerning.

london collection
Photo courtesy: ST JAMES’S London

Dubai folks and those coming to this land of endless glory are especially going to have their pick for 2016 from the London collection that would be catering to not just the upper crust but also those who settle for nothing short of excellence or success.

Rich and exquisitely designed dresses in velvet, mainly short and long frocks and gowns for ladies will be available mainly at downtown Dubai stores.

The colour of 2016 will be white. White is vibrant, and as the artists say it has the power to contain all colours. It also signifies peace and beauty.

Dubai will also be a one-hop shopping destination for those seeking the latest shoes,ladies’ hand bags and dresses. The new year sale bonanza will continue till mid-January.

Somalia bans Christmas and New Year celebrations

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SomaliaMogadishu: The ruling government of Somalia issued a ban on global festivity of Christmas as well as discouraged New Year celebrations in the Muslim country on the pretext of religion based celebrations. The government issued a statement indicating that such celebrations were not related to the majority community of Somalia which followed Islam as its religious discourse. Sheikh Mohamed Kheyrow, Director of Somalia’s ministry of religion, said on state radio — The festivities have nothing to do with Islam. We warn against celebration of Christmas, which is only for Christians. This is a matter of faith. The Christmas holiday and its drum beatings have nothing to with Islam.

Kheyrow added that ministry had sent letters to police, national security intelligence and officials in the capital Mogadishu instructing them to prevent Christmas celebrations. The announcement had tones akin to Islamist militants al Shabaab, which earlier controlled the capital Mogadishu until 2011. The dictats of the then militant group included a ban on Christmas celebrations. The population spread of Somalia is leaning heavily towards followers of Islam, the Muslim community. But the population density also comprises of thousands of African Union (AU) peacekeepers, mostly aligned to pro-Christian countries like Burundi, Uganda and Kenya. Migratory polulation of this country, which is struggling to emerge from two decades of fighting and chaos, also stands witness to a growing number of Somalis returning from Europe and North America. These migratory home-comers do carry a bit of foreign traditions and attitudes with them, and it is interpreted as a warning to these group of migratory residents.

Officials from the ruling government also pointed towards the rising unrest of terrorism and said that Christmas celebrations might attract attacks from the Islamist militants al Shabaab and the government was determined to guard against any such disruptions in the normalcy of Somalia.

Delhi Special Cell nabs suspected Jihadi-duo planning attacks in Delhi

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MilitantsNew Delhi : Two suspected operatives of a militant organisation working on the principles of Jihad were nabbed by Special cell of Delhi police on grounds of allegedly planning to carry out attacks in the national capital during Christmas and New Year. The two suspected operatives are believed to be natives of Sambhal district in Uttar Pradesh. Police refused to disclose the names of the operatives and the organisation they belong to at this stage as investigations are on progress presently.

On receiving tip offs from various regions within the nation, Special Cell teams are conducting search operation at several places across UP, tracking other potential operatives of the Jihadi outfit. The two youths detained by the police were already under the Special Cell’s scanner and were under vigil and trail for their whereabouts.Although being in the Police radar for a long time, yet the two managed to disappear around two years ago. This act of abscond raised suspicions within the force personnel and it was anticipated that the two were suspected to have crossed the border and attended training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan with their associates.

The two youths have been now detained in Delhi. The police have also got certain leads suggesting that the duo, along with their associates, were allegedly planning strikes in the national capital during Christmas and New Year season. Police officer revealed that the duo have supposedly attended training facilities allegedly set up by LeT.

Earlier this month, the Special Cell had registered a case in connection with the presence of two suspected LeT operatives who allegedly infiltrated from PoK and were seen in the national capital of Delhi from where they were allegedly making plans to target high profile individuals.