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DMK’s vulgarity is legendary

Ram Ramkumar

In this video, we have  Senthamizhan Seeman,
leader of Tamil Nadu party,  Naam Tamizhar, which means “We Are Tamils”,  railing against the vulgar casteism of the Dravidian barbarians.

“You are willing to accept Muslims and Christians in Tamil Nadu as true Tamils, although they have been here only a few centuries. But abuse brahmins who have lived on TN soil for several millennia longer and referred to as Aryans and Parpaan – both these words are used as a derogatory term for brahmins. 

You have taught us that poet Bharathi and  UV Swaminatha Iyer, popularly called UVS are not true Tamils!  And display your vulgarity and bigotry by calling them ‘Parpaan’! Is there anyone who has done more for Tamil than these great men? 

UVS was a Tamil scholar and researcher who was instrumental in bringing many long-forgotten works of classical Tamil literature
to light. It was primarily due to his efforts that the world came to know the literary output of the ancient Tamils and their past.

Tamil poet and nationalist Subramania Bharati, who inspired the freedom movement with his songs, equated UVS with the Sage Agastya.

In his words: ”So long as Tamils live, poets will venerate you and pay obeisance to you.”

Rabindranath Tagore met UVS, the ‘grand old man of Tamil literature’, in 1926 in Chennai. Tagore especially had penned a poem honoring the efforts of UVS to salvage ancient classical Tamil literary works from palm leaf manuscripts.

Will the Muslims in India declare their religion is inconsequential in public matters

Rajiv Lochan

“Hindu Muslim Unity” was the mantra which Gandhi recited as Pakistan was carved out of India as a separate country for Muslims.

Gandhi’s mantra remained the basic flaw on which India was illegally premised for. The Constitution that the people of India gave to themselves did not give any credence to people of religion. It simply presumed that the only identity that was meaningful was that of being an Indian citizen. Being of a religion was acceptable only insofar as it was a private matter. The Indian National Congress and its leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and more recently Rahul Gandhi thought otherwise.

The statement of Hindu Muslim unity even after Muslims had been provided with a separate country however created an anomalous situation.

In a country where religion was always undefined, where people did not believe in any book of religion, where gods were strictly a personal matter and everyone was free to choose whomsoever they wished to believe in as god in whatsoever manner they chose to do so, the insistence to identify Muslims as a separate group of people was problematic.

Soon enough the Congress party discovered that they could build upon this continuing separation by claiming that Muslims in India were safe only under Congress rule. Political scientists– especially those who were in thrall of the Congress– soon began to inform us that Muslims only voted for the Congress. They also pointed out that Muslims did not vote for the Bhartiya Janata Party since the BJP talked of India as a nation and refused to differentiate Muslims as a separate group within India.

This particular way of highlighting the separateness of Muslims from the rest of India continued even when Narendra Modi entered politics, became the Chief Minister of Gujarat and demonstrated that a fair and just administration which did not distinguish people on the basis of religion was far more welcome for the people than one which was based on separating people in the name of religion and caste.

The idea of Muslims being separate from all Indians was so deeply ingrained in the Congress psyche that they– the Congress ideologues, the intellectuals embedded in the Congress system– insisted that the victory of Modi in the elections of 2014 and then in 2019 was despite Muslims not voting for him.

Questions arise:

  • Is there any possibility that the Congress ideologues and intellectuals embedded in the Congress way of thinking will realise the tremendous harm that they are causing to Muslims in India?
  • Will the Muslims of India get up to reject the Congress and its way of thinking?
  • Will the Muslims of India publicly state, forcefully and not just in private, that their religion is inconsequential in public matters?

Rajiv Lochan is a distinguished scholar-historian, author and columnist

The idea of India dictated by Muslim centric politics needs to be urgently destroyed

Rajiv Lochan

Finally the fantasy nurtured by India’s liberals and the Indian National Congress is coming true. For the past so many years liberals have argued that Indian Muslims only vote for a Muslim supporting party. Now a Muslim party is about to be created covering all of India. Get ready for another Partition of India.

Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Madanmohan Malaviya at the Second Round Table Conference in London

Good old liberalism, if you recall, was responsible for creating separate electorates in India in 1909. Separatism was not the creation of the British Empire or colonialism or imperialism or capitalism but of the liberals.


The shock of killings during the partition of India silenced the separatist component of liberalism for a few years. But since the early 21st century the liberal fantasy of providing Muslims with a homeland have resurfaced. First it was Rajinder Sachar who wrote a report for the Congress government pointing out that Muslims had been left out in the India that grew after 1947. Then Manmohan Singh came forward to promise Muslims the first share of anything and everything in India.

A typical Madrasa

Sonia Gandhi chipped in by condemning Narendra Modi, the one man who singlehandedly stopped communal riots in Gujarat. Sonia said that Modi was a ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’, trader in death. The people of India had by now wizened up to the tricks that liberals played. The people kicked out the Congress government. Voted Modi into power. Now the liberals asserted that Muslims did not, will not, ever, vote for Modi.

It took a while for Muslims to realise that following the logic of the liberals they were best off having a party of their own. That party now, is about to take birth. Liberal Muslims, radical Muslims, their non-Muslim supporters who are liberal and radical, are going to form that party and ensure that it represents Muslims, provides a voice to Muslims. This is an Idea of India that needs to be urgently destroyed.

Rajiv Lochan, the author, is an acclaimed scholar, historian and author

Reject those nurturing hatred and separatism – II

Rajiv Lochan

The Muslim Dilemma in India with relation to the promoters of Muslim Exclusivism

I would not give too much value to the Muslims of India voting in 1946 for the Muslim League and its agenda for creating a separate country for Muslims. Those were confusing times for most people. Also, do notice that the ones who voted for the Muslim League, were a negligible portion of the Muslim population of India whom I like to call the incompetent elite Muslims. They are the kathmulla elite of the Muslim community.

The Muslims who voted for a separate country for Muslims were the ones who had a degree and or were an officer working for the government, had large properties and or paid a high tax. These were the Muslims who used to complain that the Hindus were better at all these activities (government jobs, earning degrees, running businesses). These incompetent elite Muslims hoped that once they had a country to themselves they would dominate it and get ahead quickly. As we know their dreams were shattered.

Pakistan emerged as one of the most incompetent country and the country was soon overwhelmed by the Punjabis who had never before voted for the Muslim League. Not only that the Punjabis quickly sidelined the Muslim League, eliminated its leaders and took full control over Pakistan. Of course, taken in by the rhetoric of religion and nationhood that the incompetent Muslim elite put forward, the poorer Muslims, mostly from artisanal classes and a few micro-sized shopkeepers, picked up their bags and started moving towards Pakistan. It is these who paid a heavy price for the dreams of their incompetent religion mates. That Hindus of all classes had to suffer tremendously, India as a whole had to suffer heavily the sowed seeds of distrust that continue with us till today. It is in these seeds of distrust that start sprouting everytime someone like Zafarul-Islam Khan makes a foolish statement. Whether he is doing so unthinkingly or after due care does not matter. The consequence remains the same– it fosters distrust of a very high order against the Muslims.

As for the Muslims who remained in India after partition, do remember two things:

One, that lakhs of Muslims actually came back to India from Pakistan once the madness was over. During the 1948-1955 period, hundreds of thousands of them returned and were given lands and properties and not a single Hindu returned to Pakistan.

Two, many who stayed back do believe firmly in being part and parcel of the general population of India. Time and again they have demonstrated that they neither suffer from any discrimination, nor do they have any complaints against India or Hindus, nor are they unwilling to live in India as normal Indians, facing all the troubles and privileges of normal Indians.

So, where does the problem lie?

Everyone knows of those who are promoting Muslim exclusivism and Muslim separatism.

These are the social and cultural elite nurtured by the Congress eco-system. Even today the Indian National Congress provides them with support.

The thing to figure out is:
(1) Why are they doing so? Merely a hatred for Narendra Modi cannot be such a strong driving force since their behaviour far pre-dates the public arrival of Modi.

(2) What can be done to stop their influence from growing among the common Muslims of India?

For, as a lie repeated a few times ends up being considered a truth. If the people who are spreading Muslim separatism and Muslim exclusivism are not stopped today they are likely to occupy the minds of a much larger number of Muslims. After all they did manage to convert poor Zafarul-Islam Khan to their point of view. It was just that Zafarul did not have the sliminess of the LeLi and ended up making a public statement on social media. We have already seen how the Kathmullas took over Pakistan entirely and kicked out the LeLi , the Left and Liberal people from that country.

(3) Why are the common people of the Islamic faith in India scared of publicly opposing such elements among Muslims and among non-Muslims?

(4) Why are the generality of Muslims silent even while they do not agree with the people who are promoting Muslim separatism and Muslim exclusivism?

(5) What can be done to remove the fear of their kathmulla elites from the people of India who follow the Islamic faith?

The author, Rajiv Lochan, a JNU alumnus, is a renowned historian, scholar and academician