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US asks Iran to reverse religious leader Taheri’s conviction and death sentence

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Washington DC: The US has asked the Iranian Government to take whatever steps necessary to reverse the conviction and death sentence to Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of an Iranian spiritual movement.

The US call comes following reports that an Iranian court has sentenced Taheri to death on charges of founding a religious cult and “spreading corruption on earth”. These charges, Heather Nauert the US Department of State Spokespersonin said in a statement, are inconsistent with Iran’s international obligations to respect and ensure his freedoms of expression and religion or belief and to reserve the death penalty “only for the most serious crimes.”

We are also deeply disturbed by reports that a number of Taheri’s followers have been recently arrested on similar objectionable charges, the statement further adds.

The US has joined voice with those who call on Iran to uphold its obligations under Iranian and international law and to ensure that the human rights of all individuals in Iran are respected and guaranteed.

The sentence against Taheri comes after he spent years in solitary confinement and trial on corruption on earth charges